Festive Exterior Makeovers: Tips to Revamp the Outdoors for Christmas

  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: November 10, 2023
  • Updated On: November 10, 2023

Throughout the year, holidays and other special events dot the calendar, presenting the opportunity to make lasting memories.

Many people like to decorate their homes and yards to get in the spirit. Whether it’s for Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day, or Thanksgiving, people embrace these special occasions by exploring and showing off their decor knowledge.

But no other holiday brings out the decorator in people like Christmas, as they pull out all the stops to embellish both the inside and outside of their homes.

When it comes to Christmas decorations, going big or small is a personal choice. It’s more about starting a conversation among those in the neighborhood, or passersby, who celebrate the spirit of Santa and those who love the story of Jesus.

Either way, this is the most festive time of the year and an opportunity for many homes to step into the shoes of a decorator and also have some fun along the way. 

Christmas on the lawn

The thing that gives the first impression of a house is the lawn. It’s the perfect canvas that allows individuals to express their vision or inspiration for the festive season.

Of course, before starting to work on this canvas, a little cleaning would be most beneficial. A trim here and there, a new coat of paint on the fence, or maybe snow shoveling can create some space for creative expression.

Christmas displays

A popular choice for decorating the lawn for Christmas is a nativity scene which is also called a manger scene or crèche. This includes the holy family, the Magi, the shepherds, the angels, some barn animals, and different characters like servants and villagers.

Whether you decide to go with a large outdoor nativity set or keep it simple with a few reindeer, decorating your lawn is a fantastic way to spread Christmas joy. You can also make your home a winter wonderland with figures of reindeer, sleighs, candy canes, gingerbread men, giant Christmas ornaments, or a representation of Saint Nick himself.

Brightening the lawn

For a more classical and whimsical feel, Christmas lights used outdoors can deliver a more jaw-dropping effect than it does inside the house – especially at night.

Wrapping up certain items (trees, bushes, sleighs, etc) with Christmas lights, will be cost-effective and spectacular. Other illuminated objects, like stars and giant Christmas light balls, could be purchased to complete the sparkling look.

The Christmas porch

For those who are lucky to have a porch, the choices and artistic directions in this area are numerous. Once again a nice and thorough cleaning on the surface, the walls and the porches’ fence (picket fence panels, vinyl fence, screen fence, aluminum fence, wooden fence, wrought metal, etc) or railings, is best to have another blank slate to work on.

Natural porch embellishments

Porches that have planters can easily be decorated with traditional Christmas ornaments or they can have seasonal greenery added to them. Things like evergreen sprigs, pinecones of different shapes and sizes, cranberries, or maybe a mix of berries to add a touch of color.

In case the plants have dried out because of the cold, coiled Christmas lights can be laid on top of the soil and added with some branches or twigs to give the impression of a burning bush. This is great if you don’t know what to do with those old, tangled Christmas lights.

Themed porches

The possibilities for Christmas inspiration are endless for anyone with a larger porch. Another idea would be to include displays such as a table or a bench that is dressed with a Christmas-themed tablecloth decorated with candles in jars, pine cones, ribbons and wrapped boxes; really, anything you can think of to revamp your porch with a Christmas feel.

The front door

The entrance to your home is the focal point when it comes to outdoor Christmas decorating. This is more true for those who don’t have a lawn or a porch.

For those who believe in Feng Shui, the external door is called the “Mouth of Chi” and allows the house to get its energy nourishment, otherwise known as its “Chi.” So, when the front door is balanced, strong and healthy this will reflect on the lives of those who live in the house.

Ornate doors

Once again, it’s a personal affair when talking about preferences, whether it’s a garland made up of synthetic leaves or a real, handmade wreath, all inspirations are welcome! Ornaments could be added to match the color of the door or the door could be painted red to symbolize Christmas. According to Feng shui, a red door brings good luck, and opportunities.

When you position the Christmas garland along the door frame, secure it from the top first then on the sides with brick clips or self-adhesive hooks.

Other ideas around a home’s front door could include wrapped packages, oversized lanterns with candles, filled with seasonal ornaments, or even figures. Just keep in mind that it’s the entrance and too many items might not feel or seem festive but rather cluttered.

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