Top 8 Things to Consider Before Moving to a Fully Furnished Home

Things to Consider Before Moving to a Fully Furnished Home
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: July 25, 2022
  • Updated On: July 10, 2023

A furnished apartment is a tremendous asset for many apartment hunters in the modern day.

It is an excellent choice for tenants who choose don’t want to worry about relocating their furniture or who may be moving alone to a new place before their family. Fully furnished residences save time, effort, and money upfront while alleviating the stress of moving.

You need not purchase new things such as appliances, furniture, or linens, pay expensive moving costs, or perform any heavy lifting or tiresome assembly. But as not all fully furnished homes or apartments are not prepared equally, you need to consider the following things before moving into one.

Knowing the Level of Furnishing

It only seems natural that there would be varying types of furnishing to go with various sorts of residences. With the possible exception of certain built-in furniture such as a breakfast nook or large equipment such as an oven or refrigerator, an unfurnished apartment obviously has nothing in it.

As we move up the furnished scale, there are semi-furnished, move-in ready, and fully furnished apartments.

Semi-Furnished Apartments

The term “semi-furnished” is frequently misunderstood to suggest that a unit will only have around half of the standard furnishings found in an apartment. A semi-furnished apartment is equipped simply with necessities. What is often included in this type of unit is a bed frame and mattress, dining chairs, kitchen table, couch or sofa, etc.

Checklists for semi-furnished apartments aren’t as clear-cut as those for fully furnished apartments, but if you’ve stayed in university-owned dorms or housing before, you may know exactly what to expect.

You will need to bring your own towels, bedding, and decorations. It may or may not come with benefits like appliances, window drapes or curtains, shower curtains, trash, and recycling bins.

Move-in Ready Units

Undoubtedly, moving or relocating is a stressful process. You can choose a move-in-ready apartment if you want a place that will feel like home as quickly as feasible.

Some loose ends that might be tied up for you in a move-in-ready apartment include pre-hung wall hangings, framed artwork, blankets, bedding and linens, bed pillows, throw pillows, high-speed Wi-Fi, kitchen appliances, TV, dishware, quality hand towels, soft bath towels, toiletries, etc.

Fully Furnished Apartments

You can opt for a completely furnished apartment or condo if you want more than the bare minimum and don’t want to deal with the hassles of moving, product assembly, or spending money on home furnishings for a rental property.

The amenities for a completely furnished apartment should include a furnished bedroom with the bed frame and mattress, nightstands, window curtains or drapes, table lamps, a fully functioning kitchen with trash and recycling bins, dining chairs, kitchen table, stools for countertops, a cozy living space with couch or sofa, coffee table, accent chairs, area rugs, and standing lamps, along with a well-equipped bathroom that has a trash can, shower curtain, and storage or shelving.

Things to Look into before Choosing a Fully Furnished Apartment

If you want to look for a fully furnished residence, there are a lot of tips to help you. The must-know facts for fully furnished and ready-to-move-in apartments are not as long, but they are a bit more specific.

It is a huge relief that you do not have to think about the price of furniture and moving vans, but you still need to put together a list of what you’re expecting.

Services and Amenities

Apartments that are furnished may include items other than mere furniture. The following might be included, based on the apartment complex and the provider of furnished apartments:

  • Client Service: The furnished housing company may have staff on hand to assist you if you have any requirements during your stay, such as requests for maintenance or clarification on how to use appliances. They may be accessible all the time or only on certain days and hours.

You may need to handle some issues like fixing your appliances by yourself. The Internet can help you with these things. For instance, you can read this post if your AC unit is leaking water. But there might be bigger problems that you can not deal with alone. That’s when the client service will be necessary. So make sure you look into this when choosing your ideal fully furnished apartment.

  • Residence Amenities: There may be several amenities in the building. They can be straightforward, like a laundry, or more complex, such as a pool, gymnasium, rooftop patio, etc. Additionally, many complexes welcome pets and offer amenities for them.
  • Laundry: There can be a washer and dryer in the apartment or communal laundry in the building. If there is a concierge in the building, they might be able to arrange for dry cleaning or laundry services for you.
  • Internet Services: A furnished apartment’s price often includes utilities (water, electricity, and gas) and high-speed Wi-Fi. There should also be options for cable TV and landlines.

Bedroom Furnishings

A bed, a nightstand, and a wardrobe or chest of drawers are standard furnishings. Small bedrooms may only have room for a bed and a nightstand. A lamp needs to be provided if the space lacks ceiling lighting. A desk, an alarm clock, sheets, cushions, and a comforter are additional items seen in some furnished bedrooms.

Living Room Furnishings

A furnished apartment’s living room will feature at least a sofa, end tables, coffee table, and lamps. The end table might function as a desk, making it suitable for individuals who require a home office. A chair, ottoman, or bookcase may also be there, as well as a television (perhaps a smart model) and sound system.

Bathroom Furnishings

A furnished apartment bathroom will at the very least have a shower curtain because the majority of bathroom necessities, such as a sink, toilet, and shower or tub are already built in. Additionally, there should be a bath mat, towels, and extras like a tissue holder, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and trash can.

Kitchen Furnishings

Most of the different things that come with a furnished apartment will be in the kitchen. Large appliances like a microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher will be in both unfurnished and furnished apartments.

Furnished apartments might also come with small appliances like a toaster, coffee maker, toaster oven, rice cooker, blender, or food processor. There should be cookware (like pans and pots), dishes, bakeware, utensils, and cooking tools in the kitchen as well.

The Length of the Lease

The lease length can greatly affect a fantastic apartment, even if it appears like the ideal home for you. The most frequent type of rental agreement is a year-long lease, but before you prepare to sign, you should carefully analyze what the rental agreement includes.

In long-term leases, a security deposit is required, which you will have to give up if you decide to vacate your apartment before the lease period is over.

In addition, you’ll be liable for paying the rent until a new renter takes occupancy. Because of this, it is safer to select an apartment with variable leasing terms, including a month-to-month option.

Other Amenities

There will be fewer initial expenses, but even completely furnished homes have a wide variety of prices.

In addition, completely furnished apartments are typically located in complexes with more luxurious amenities, and the more facilities a complex offers, the higher the rent. However, the upfront fees will probably be below the average cost of apartment furnishings.

The extra amenities you need to consider while choosing your fully furnished apartment include an elevator, on-property or in-unit laundry facilities, air conditioning and heating, parking, balcony or patio, pet-friendly building, communal outdoor space, printing areas, and community workspaces, fitness center, package locker systems, pool, and jacuzzi.

Even though security deposits and application fees are one-time costs, you should incorporate them into your budget. The majority of apartments demand both.


In addition to the apartment amenities to consider when determining your budget, you will want to consider the design options, such as square footage, the number of bedrooms and rooms, tile vs. wood vs. carpet, artificial and natural lighting, size and number of closets, dishwasher, storage space, etc.

Final Words

The apartment-hunting or moving process presents apartment-seekers with several options: rent or buy, one-bedroom or studio, month-to-month or long-term lease, unfurnished or furnished.

It is simple to find furnished apartments, but it is crucial to understand what they normally provide and what they do not. Make sure to go through the above-mentioned facts to find the right one for you and enjoy your new home.

Best of luck!

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