Top 9 Office Refurbishment Tips

Office Refurbishment Tips
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: July 22, 2022
  • Updated On: July 10, 2023

Many people spend more time in their offices than in other places. A welcoming office environment can guarantee the comfort of your office personnel, motivating them. Therefore, you can refurbish your office to enhance its appeal and comfortability to increase your staff’s productivity.

However, office refurbishment can be hectic and confusing as you’ll have to make many decisions. Also, if you want to match it to your corporate style, it might come at a price. That said, you’ll need to contact experts such as Crest Interiors to help you with your office refurbishment project.

The outline below highlights the top refurbishment tips that can enhance your office space:

Maximizing Natural Light

Natural light is crucial in your workplace and can positively impact your personnel’s mood, morale, mental health, or energy. There are many ways you can refurbish your office to maximize natural light.

You can install glass wall partitions to allow the natural light to penetrate further. You can also add mirrors to office walls to help reflect the natural light around the room.

Using Colors To Represent Your Brand Or Change The Mood

There are many benefits of repainting an office space. For one, changing the paint colors can significantly improve its aesthetics.

Doing this will make the space look different and create the right atmosphere for your staff to feel motivated to work. In addition, colors can influence the first impression of your business. For instance, most people use black to indicate reliability and professionalism.

You can also use pops of bright colors like bright orange or sunshine yellow to encourage creativity, brainstorming, increase happiness, and a sense of fun. A soothing green or blue can be ideal in office spaces that require clarity and focus.

Refreshing color of furniture gives an attractive look to your furniture

Large modern office with open space to work

Incorporating A Touch Of Nature

Surrounding your staff with nature can make them happy, especially in open office spaces. You can include a touch of nature in your office through water fountains, greenery, or flowering plants.

Adding plants to the workspace can help lower stress, improve well-being, increase concentration and attention spans, and boost staff satisfaction. Moreover, studies have proven that including plants in office spaces can increase productivity by around 15%.

Considering Office Space Zoning

Office refurbishment allows you to maximize the office space by creating dedicated spaces. Sitting for long hours can impact your staff’s physical and mental health.

You can create breakout spaces to give your employees a change of pace, boosting creativity and enhancing collaboration. You can design a breakout space to encourage lively brainstorming sessions or to create a quiet place where your employees can concentrate on detailed reports.

You can also dedicate space to your sales team.  If your sales team frequently communicates with clients by phone and does upskill training, you can utilize training tables and office acoustics,, such as acoustic furniture or foam paneling on walls to help combat the noise levels.

Investing In Comfort

Investing in high-quality furniture can make your employees feel comfortable in their working environment.

Investing in ergonomic desk chairs can enhance their comfort in the office space, improving workspace efficiency. Additionally, office furniture with adjustable features can help prevent muscle strain and pain in your employees, reducing their time off work.

Going Green

Embracing eco-friendly practices during office refurbishment is crucial. Most employees feel confident working in an office that cares for the environment. Clients and stakeholders also associate themselves with environmentally friendly businesses.

By embracing an eco-friendly office, you can boost staff morale and enhance your business’s competitive advantage, potentially adding to its bottom line. You can go green by opting for sustainable and fully recyclable products such as glass and wood rather than plastics; and adding recycling bins to allow our employees to recycle effortlessly.

Integrating Technology

Technology keeps advancing. When refurbishing your office, it would be wise to introduce technology into your office space. For instance, you can use office furniture with wireless functionality that can allow your employees to charge the compatible devices they might need when working on projects.

Embracing Flexibility

Every business has to change as time progresses. Your office space should be flexible enough to quickly and easily adapt to any new changes.

Therefore, you can enhance office flexibility through thoughtful designs. For instance, using movable walls and room dividers instead of permanent walls and partitions can help you have open options for any possible changes.

Opting For Durability

It’s also crucial to choose products that can preserve their looks and functionality for many years. You can go for simple quality products that can fit in multiple settings and can blend with different colors. For instance, it would be wise to choose glass boards over whiteboards.

Unlike whiteboards, which have short longevity and tend to scratch, stain, and ghost, glass boards have a non-porous surface that prevents them from staining or ghosting.

Take Away

Refurbishing your office can be challenging and confusing. However, creating a comfortable and welcoming office for your staff is key to increasing productivity. The guide above can take you through some office refurbishment tips worth considering.

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