Top Tips for Setting Up a Statement Piece in Your Home

Top Tips for Setting Up a Statement Piece in Your Home
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: December 21, 2022
  • Updated On: July 11, 2023

Whether you’ve seen a fabulous piece you’re keen to buy for your home or just know that one or more rooms within the property need a bit of pizazz to get the effect you’re after, adding a statement piece can make all the difference to the final look and feel of your abode.

However, it isn’t always clear what to buy, where to put it, how to position it, and what mistakes to avoid. Read on for tips to help you make a statement in all the best ways.

Consider the Different Types of Statement Pieces

For starters, think about what type of statement piece you want to use. You can choose anything bold and daring that will grab attention and add personality to a part of your property. Things that can draw attention include furniture items, like armoires, chairs, or sofas, artworks (whether wall-hung pieces or sculptures and the like), mirrors, lighting fixtures, rugs, and so on.

You can also make a statement simply by choosing an unusual, eye-catching color and using it as a feature wall, on all walls, or even on the ceiling in a room. It’s up to you how you want to grab someone’s eye when they walk into an area, so be creative and consider who you are and your personality and what you want your home to reflect to visitors and those who live there.

Keep Statement Pieces to a Minimum

For something to become a statement piece in your home, it must stand out for all the right reasons. As a result, you want to avoid putting more than one statement piece into every space. If there are many things competing for attention visually, whatever you’ve chosen will have much less impact.

It’s better to have one item act as the big statement in and focus of the room rather than making everything unique and, therefore, nothing exceptional at the same time. You can have lots of beautiful objects in a room, but only one should be the key piece you pivot everything around in the space and particularly want people to notice.

Pay Attention to Ceilings

When it comes to a statement piece, don’t forget that you can look up, too. A “wow” piece on or near the ceiling can greatly impact a room. For example, you might choose a terrific cascading chandelier or one in all sorts of fabulous colors, add some stained glass to a high window, or even choose an impressive fan, such as those sold at Hunter Fan, to bring more pizazz to a space.

Think About Scale

To set up a statement piece, consider scale, too. While, as mentioned above, you should have a “star of the show” that gets focused on in a space, you also want to provide other elements to support this piece and give an integrated, cozy feel to the area.

To ensure the room doesn’t feel unbalanced, consider the size of the room in general and the size of the various elements in it. Look for ways to ensure the statement item stands out as needed but also fits in with the rest of the room in a cohesive way.

Don’t Worry About Matching So Much

Years ago, design trends were all about matching products in a room so that various furniture items made use of the same materials and all the same prints, etc., were used throughout. These days, though, there’s no need to worry so much about everything matching.

This is particularly the case when it comes to color choices. Don’t think you have to use the same color in your statement piece in many different spots around the room. In fact, you can use a bunch of different shades as long as you have a little bit of repetition throughout.

For instance, you might like to take the primary color in your statement piece and pick it up in two accent areas so that, to the casual observer, things appear to tie in nicely. With just a couple of other places in the room with that same color, the eye should see it as all working effectively.

Incorporate Color Psychology into Your Plans

Lastly, when picking out a statement piece, be sure to factor in color psychology tips. Determine what feeling and mood you want to create in the room in addition to the look you want to achieve. Color has a powerful effect on minds and emotions, so you must be careful about what you evoke with everything you put in a space, especially a statement item.

For instance, blues and greens are calming and peaceful, while oranges and yellows help to promote creativity and communication. On the other hand, reds and pinks can suggest passion and romance.

Take your time selecting statement pieces for your home since they’re likely goods that you will spend a decent amount of money on and will have for many years. Follow the tips above to help you ensure you end up with items that make you happy long term.

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Author: Mohsin Khan

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