What Are Roof Lanterns, And Why Are They So Popular?

Guide To Know About Roof Lanterns And Their Popularity
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: September 14, 2022
  • Updated On: July 10, 2023

Roof lanterns are becoming popular among homeowners because of all the things they have to offer. They not only give an extra decorative element but also provide practical benefits.

The most significant benefit is natural light, which is advantageous if you have people in your house sensitive to artificial lighting or if you reside in an area with a finite amount of daylight. See the advantages listed below to learn why installing roof lanterns are worthwhile.

What is a roof lantern?

A roof lantern is a glazed architectural element created to increase the natural light in a space. Their roots are in Renaissance architecture from the sixteenth century.

Roof lanterns have undergone steady adaptation and advancement throughout the years, from their dripping wooden frames in the 18th and 19th centuries to the aluminium and uPVC frames of today.

Roof lanterns today are a beautiful focal point for an orangery or a flat roof building, illuminating a kitchen island’s centre or a dining room table with natural light.

They are also far more durable and waterproof than their forerunners. Although the roof lantern may be made in many different ways, the elongated pyramid form is the most common design.

For the proper project, roof lanterns have a lot to offer. These glazed buildings are aesthetically pleasing and functional and lend a feeling of space and drama to the ceiling that may help a room reach new levels of elegance.

They are frequently used on flat roofs and are ideal for adding flair to projects like single-storey additions. They also perform admirably in larger open-plan areas where the natural light from your doors and windows must travel farther and work harder to maintain the feeling of lightness and airiness.

Here is all the information you need to choose a roof lantern if you consider including one in your construction project. There are styles to fit every type of home.

Stylish feature

Roof lanterns are a beautiful architectural addition that may serve as an excellent house focal point. They may be utilised to bring light to your living area, create an outdoor room, or improve the aesthetics of your home. Depending on the appearance you want, there are a variety of roof lantern styles to pick from.

Roof lanterns are fantastic because they provide more gentle light than conventional skylights, preventing shadows from spreading across the space and making things appear darker than natural light from the outside.

Extra value

Think about putting roof lanterns for an immediate facelift if you want to raise the value of your house. Roof lanterns may help your property look younger, fresher, and brighter and serve practical purposes. They provide natural light that may be used in various ways throughout the day, enhancing the beauty and attractiveness of any house.

Extra light

If you’ve ever entered a room and noticed a strange sensation of gloom even while the sun is blazing outside, your room may be too dark. This can occur in rooms with few windows, such as living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchens.

Installing roof lanterns that allow additional light to enter from above is a terrific method to solve this issue without adding more windows. Roof lanterns also give rooms a feeling of brightness, which makes them feel more welcoming to visitors who come during the day when there isn’t constant natural light.

Designed to the highest standards, roof lanterns

A well-designed roof lantern should have simple, uncluttered lines; a crowded or erratic design should be avoided at all costs. It might be challenging to strike the appropriate balance between an essential aesthetic and polished quality.

Still, with years of expertise, our professional teams of joiners delight in their work. They take it upon themselves to only create roof lanterns of the highest quality using specialised joinery techniques.


Flat roofs often provide a safe working platform and are accessible from the ground by a ladder or a window. Because they need the occasional wash and window cleaners are accustomed to them, external cleaning and maintenance are reasonably simple to complete.

Your roof lantern may also come with self-cleaning glass as an option. The most popular variety of this glass employs a unique coating turned on by UV radiation from the sun. When organic matter contacts this layer, it decomposes and is prevented from adhering to the glass.

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