What Is A Ridge Vent On A Roof?

What Is A Ridge Vent On A Roof?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: November 5, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Your home should be able to take in the fresh air. The attic is where all of the house’s heat accumulates, and it’s also where all of the air vapors must be released to avoid mold.

If the air in the attic isn’t let out, it can lead to issues like shingles failing early due to a hotter roof decking. With little ventilation, mold and any moisture might become a problem.

So, you’ve decided to replace your roof. That’s fantastic. To extend the life of the shingles or preserve the warranty on your shingles, your contractor recommends that you have a ridge vent put as well.

Is it true that ridge vents are as crucial as they claim? What’s more, what exactly is a ridge vent, and how does it work? If you also have the same queries, continue reading.

Ridge Vent: An Overview

A ridge vent is a type of non-mechanical vent that runs the length of your home’s peak. It’s simply a mini roof that fits over a slit in your roof’s peak. To function correctly, a ridge vent system must be complemented with soffit vents on both sides of the roof’s edge. They fit in well with the roof’s profile and are barely noticeable compared to other roof vents.

A roof’s ridge vent is handy. The wet, heated air that gathers in the attic has a path to escape when a ridge vent is installed. This ventilation keeps your home dry and prevents mold and mildew from growing. A ridge vent on your roof allows air to flow while also extending the life of your roof.

It also aids in the regulation of your home’s overall temperature, resulting in greater energy efficiency. Roof ridge vents are considered a vital feature of most modern roof designs for these and other reasons.

Do You Need To Replace Your Existing Vent?

If your property currently has box or gable vents, you may be asking if you need to install a ridge vent during your roof replacement. The truth is that while alternative roof vents provide some ventilation, most experts believe that ridge vents are the most efficient and cost-effective roof ventilation system available.

So, surely Yes, a replacement would be a great decision. You want to extend the life of your roof as much as possible, especially if you’re installing a new one. The best method to do this is using a ridge vent system.

Consider The Type Of Ridge Vent Before Installing

Ridge vents aren’t all created equal. Look into the products that your contractor utilizes and conduct some research on them. Some are more cost-effective, while others are more visually appealing. Before you commit to anything, ask questions and get sample images from the contractors.

If you have your ridge vent installed at the same time that your roof is being replaced, you may save money. All rates are subject to change depending on your location. Most specialists will agree that the savings outweigh the cost of installing a ridge vent in energy and roof repair. Of course, the final decision is yours to make.

For cosmetic reasons, the ridge vent can be trimmed one to three feet back from the gables’ ends. The new school roofers will install the vent from gable end to gable end for a cleaner appearance. Leaks in ridge vents are simple to spot. Simply walk into your attic and shine a flashlight on the rafters to locate a leaking ridge vent.

If a dark stain can be seen all around the ridge vent, it is most likely leaking. A drip trail can usually be tracked down a rafter to the source of the leak.

Benefits Of Ridge Vent

A roof ridge vent offers several advantages. Here are just a handful of the many ways it can help your home’s general condition and worth.

1) Cut The Cost Of Your Energy Bills

It’s common knowledge that heated air rises. As a result, even with the most efficient HVAC system, the second level of your home will often be significantly warmer than the first. By enabling this hot air to leave once it reaches the attic, a ridge vent can help adjust your home’s temperature.

As a consequence, your home will stay cooler for longer, minimizing the need for continuous air conditioning cycles. Roof ridge vents improve the comfort of your house and help you save money on your energy bill.

Roof ridge vents are becoming a standard feature of roofs around the country as people become more concerned about making their houses more energy-efficient.

2) Ridge Vents Don’t Need Other Vents

Other pieces of equipment are required for the correct operation of some types of air ventilation systems. Roof ridge vents can work with box or soffit vents, but they do not require them to function. Ridge vents effectively remove moisture from your property, lowering the chance of mold and mildew growth.

Ridge vents provide the best possible air circulation. There is a shift in air pressure when the wind blows over your roof. This pressure difference aids in the removal of hot air from your attic. You can get the Natural airflow when chilly air comes through the underside of the vent.

Final Thoughts

On some ridges, a ridge vent is not required. You should install the number of ridge vents specified in the house designs. The ridge vents are designed with the quantity of ventilation required for the house in mind.

Any ridge vent that is added or removed from the house plan might impact the energy efficiency. On smaller dormers or garages, it’s completely acceptable not to put ridge vents.

If you’re going to install the vent yourself, make sure you’re up to the task. Working on a tall ladder and atop the roof while using hand and power equipment is required for this project. Consider hiring a professional if you are afraid of heights or are unsure how to use your tools.

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