What Is a Semiconductor?

What Is a Semiconductor?
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: July 28, 2021
  • Updated On: July 4, 2023

Semiconductors are materials found in much of the technology that we use all of the time. Odds are that there’s a semiconductor or two in the device that you’re reading this on.

That said, many of us don’t know what these important pieces of technology are and what they do to help us out. So, what is a semiconductor, and what is a semiconductor chip?

We’re going to take a look at the semiconductor definition today, giving you a basic insight into what these things are. Let’s get started.

What Is a Semiconductor?

To understand what a semiconductor is, we have to break down a few other terms.

A “conductor” is something that allows energy to flow in one or both directions. More specifically, a charge is conducted through the material as a result of the arrangement of its atoms. The composition of protons and electrons determines how well one material can conduct and interact with another.

Considering the fact that most technology uses various electric charges and impulses to function, conductors are used heavily in many of our devices and household products that use electricity.

That said, the charge of various components has to be modulated in order to meet our needs. Charges can be too high or low, and those variations can disrupt the way our products work to meet our needs.

If you look at the cell phone, for example, there are various elements involved, and all of those elements require a network of potential voltages and charges to meet very specific criteria. When you increase the brightness on your screen, there are adjustments of conduction happening.

As a result, a “semiconductor” is a material that allows charge to flow, but not follow. The prefix “semi” implies that there isn’t a full transmission of the charge.

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What Is a Semiconductor Chip?

What Is a Semiconductor?

A semiconductor chip, also known as an integrated circuit, is a network of semiconductors and other materials that are much smaller and more efficient than their predecessors.

Integrated circuits are also called “microchips” in some cases. These chips are designed to carry out specific functions and allow our devices to start and stop the flow of energy as needed.

Semiconductor chips are exponentially smaller than they were forty years ago, and they will continue to streamline and shrink as time goes on. These chips contain millions, sometimes more, transistors, which adjust or magnify the flow of energy as needed. Companies like https://www.sputtertargets.net/ can produce these chips to meet almost any technological need.

All of that technology fits into something the size of a button or fingernail, and machine production allows us to arrange all of the material in a way that allows, for example, your laptop to function as well as it does.

Want to Learn More About the Semiconductor Industry?

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There’s a whole world of information about semiconductors, their role in society, and how they will shape the future. The real-world impacts of this technology are massive and worth knowing.

We’re here to help you learn more about these things and come to a better understanding of our technological world. Explore the rest of our site for more information on semiconductors, semiconductor companies, and more.

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