What Is An Integrated Led Light?

What Is An Integrated Led Light?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: November 2, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Both LED bulbs and integrated LED light fixtures to have advantages and disadvantages in landscape lighting. A complete outdoor lighting fixture assembly with an integrated LED lamp is an integrated LED light fixture.

Choosing integrated lighting fixtures comes with its own set of lighting updates and maintenance issues, even though they have simplified lighting system installation. The primary advantage of using an LED bulb for your outside lighting is flexibility.

Integrated LED light fixtures are available in a variety of stunning designs and sizes to complement any room. An integrated LED light fixture is an attractive choice when you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece that serves your space and stands out.

Any intelligent consumer understands that design is only one component of a home decor selection; the total value is also critical. Fortunately, in addition to their mammoth size, Integrated LED Lighting Fixtures provide outstanding value and return.

Why Should You Consider Integrated LED Lights?

The inability to change a globe in a light fixture has a clear disadvantage. When one LED fails, the fixture must usually be replaced as well.

There are a variety of fittings that will allow your electrician to replace or “repair” the LED light source; however, this may be a pricey exercise, and in many cases, more expensive than replacing the entire fixture.

Integrated LEDs, on the other hand, endure a long time, often a decade or more. Many homeowners will be trying to upgrade or revamp their living spaces and may be looking for new lighting designs and technology to go along with it.

Many of us find it difficult to imagine a light that will endure decades, yet that is precisely why LEDs are revolutionizing the lighting business. Instead of replacing light bulbs as frequently as many other household items, LEDs allow you to install a light and forget about it for years.

Hardwiring a light source into the fixture as a permanent component makes it reasonable if it can endure that long.

What Are The Benefits Of Integrated LED Lights?

Integrated bases not only benefit from the advantages of LEDs, but they also provide even more. One of the most significant benefits of this foundation is that LEDs are small, allowing for new shapes and styles. Our lights can be utilized in any application due to their compact size, making them appealing to all tastes.

When compared to bulbs, the specialized bases can even provide higher CRIs for improved illumination quality. They have a significantly longer lifespan because integrated LEDs are left alone and cannot be touched or fiddled with.

The power source is typically kept separate from the LEDs, allowing it to be replaced without affecting the lighting and thereby extending the life of the LEDs. It’s incredibly challenging to achieve high light for a long span with ordinary lamps because of heat and compact factors.

In light of this, the present LED bulb’s lumen output is adequate for most landscape lighting applications, and emerging technologies are paving the way for higher lumen lamps to overcome this minor limitation.

Pros And Cons Of Integrated Lights

  • Allows for more control over light output and aesthetics than fluorescent or incandescent globes
  • Integrated lights have a more extended life period than screw-in LED globes. Many integrated LED fixtures, for example, allow you to change the color temperature from warm to cool white and dim the light with the touch of a button.
  • Provide a visually appealing spread of light
  • Provide an energy-efficient form of light
  • Complement the use of intelligent lighting technology relatively seamlessly

What Is The Difference Between LED Light Fixtures And Integrated light Fixtures?

If you want to upgrade your home or business space with the new lighting fixture, you have to understand the basic differences between top-rated and popular fixtures before considering them.

LED Light Fixtures

These fixtures are made to work with LED lights and are usually offered without them. Customers can choose the proper bulb for their needs as long as it has the correct form, size, and wattage, which is one of the main advantages of LED-ready fixtures.

The fixtures are similar to integrated fixtures in terms of initial installation, but replacing the bulb after it burns out is more accessible than replacing the LED array or module on an integrated fixture.

Integrated Light Fixtures

The similarities between these LED fixtures and LED-ready fixtures end there. LED arrays are already integrated into integrated LED fixtures. They are not ordinary lights that can be replaced and offer a particular hue and Lumen output.

Integrated LED fixtures to have a long lifespan, often exceeding a decade. Customers will order a new LED array or module instead of purchasing a replacement LED bulb when they burn out.

However, given the developments in LED technology, we would recommend that businesses consider replacing existing LED lighting with a more cost-effective and up-to-date solution.

Keep in mind! It may be more cost-effective to replace current lighting with integrated LED fixtures if they need considerable maintenance. Before purchasing new fixtures, check to see if they are compliant with local building codes. For this, you can also consult a lighting professional for better guidelines and recommendations.

Final Verdict

The savings, safety, and reliability that integrated LED light fixtures provide are well worth the investment. The good news is that while an integrated LED light fixture may be more expensive up initially, the cost savings in energy and routine globe replacement will more than likely recoup your initial investment.

Another advantage of integrated LED lighting is the design freedom it provides lighting makers. Manufacturers may now construct things they could never have imagined before because a globe no longer binds them.

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