What is Stainless Steel: How It is Made and Used

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  • Posted On: May 12, 2023
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One of the most useful metals to have been introduced to the modern market is stainless steel; a durable, resilient type of metal that is considered an alloy by many due to the variety of ingredients that go into its manufacture.

There are multiple classes; from the types used for cutlery, right through to those used for strong stainless steel tubing and rods. Each has its own benefits and in this post, we’ll be exploring a little bit more about what this type of metal is and what it can be used for.

How is Stainless Steel Made?

According to www.en.stainlesseurope.com it’s a highly versatile material that can be used for seamless tubes, hollow bars, flanges, reducing tees, and concentric reducers.


It’s made in much the same way as other types of steel, but what makes stainless different is the addition of a certain element known as chromium.

On its own, chromium is a very brittle type of material, often fracturing and cracking when put under too much pressure. When combined with other metals, however, it forms an alloy and can be hardened alongside the presence of carbon, with a percent of between 0.25 and 1.5 within most types of stainless.

The more carbon is present within a metal the more that it can be hardened, but as you might imagine, this can affect flexibility as a result.

To combat this, other materials are mixed when creating stainless steel, with the main priority being the presence of chromium.

What is Chromium?

It’s a unique type of metal that can be polished to a mirror finish but is also capable of resisting the elements. Where many manufacturers simply coat their products with chromium (or chrome) to provide a protective sheen, stainless steel actually incorporates it within its structure.

This means that the entire length of steel, regardless of the thickness or whether it is hollowed out or not, will boast resistance to the elements such as rain and sunlight.

Benefit of Chromium

As mentioned above, however, too much chromium can leave steel brittle and prone to breaking – and that’s why there are varying degrees of stainless steel suitable for differing purposes.

For instance, 440C stainless steel is often used for high-quality cutlery, whereby it contains a little less carbon and will retain its weather resistance without cracking when put under a little pressure.

When choosing the right products, it’s always a good idea to buy from a reputable distributor – preferably online where the products’ details can be easily identified and understood and often at a discounted rate when compared to buying from a brick-and-mortar store.

4 Different but Most Common Uses of Stainless Steel

Unlike traditional steel, stainless steel is recyclable making it easier to sterilize. it can be used in several ways.

stainless steel

Products and Appliances

the most common use of stainless steel is in the form of kitchen sinks, cutlery, cooking grills, sinks, etc. Because it is lightweight and affordable it is not surprising that it is most widely used in the kitchen. Also, it is productive part of home garages!

Chemical Industry

Metals are easily exposed to chemicals which is why it is an excellent choice even in construction projects. Also, it has higher durability than the standard metal.


There is a trending use of Duplex stainless steel. It is a mix of steel alloys therefore more affordable but highly popular choice for engineering structures. Due to their higher strength and lightweight, they are a popular choice.

Storage Tanks

To store bulk materials such as food and water, stainless steel is the top choice. Because it is corrosive-resistant, it doesn’t add any additional flavor, smell, or color to the stored items. Therefore the advantage is undeniable.


From a tiny utensil in the kitchen to high-value construction projects, stainless steel is now an asset in different domains of life. You’ll find different grades available in the market based on their uses. Which stainless items do you have in your home? Identify them and let us know!

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