What type of Window Shutters are Good for Security?

What type of Window Shutters are Good for Security
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: January 19, 2023
  • Updated On: January 19, 2023

Window shutters are suitable for home security. While burglar alarms and security cameras are good installations for property security, window shutters provide an extra deterrent. New homes come with security shutters to offer better indoor protection.

What are window shutters?

Window shutters have been a barrier against forced entry for centuries worldwide. These structures are wooden or metal barriers that can be installed on the windows, making them hard to break through. Also, window shutters provide a barrier that prevents anyone from looking into the property or noticing any valuables on display.

Security shutters are always better than curtains and blinds. There are several types of window shutters available that you can install to improve security.

This article will explore the types of window shutters that are good for security.

The Plantation Shutter

Plantation shutters are the most commonly used type. These shutters are known for their exclusive build and privacy, and security. This is why you can find plantation shutters from the idyllic Caribbean homes to the luxurious houses of the deep south in the USA.

Today, plantation shutters are also used as security shutters for added protection. These window shutters originated in Southern Europe and were soon adopted throughout the UK. The plantation shutters are wooden structures with horizontal wooden bars that simultaneously block out the intense sunlight, adding a layer of security.

In Australia, plantation shutters are adopted to protect against the warm climate.

While the wooden plantation shutters are suitable for decorative purposes, they lack as a security measure.

Aluminium Plantation Shutter: Best for Security

Traditionally, plantation shutters are made from wood, but today, you can buy them in several other types, including synthetics, vinyl, or aluminium. While all the materials add style to your windows, aluminium is the best for security shutters.

Aluminium shutters are also called burglar-proof shutters. Most people think security shutters need to be more bulky, unsightly fixings for the windows. However, aluminium security shutters are innovative in style and design.

These window shutters have a locking system to open or close the panels. You can choose the aluminium security shutters with a double key mechanism that simultaneously locks the bolts at the top and bottom for maximum security. This arrangement makes the shutters an unyielding, tamper-proof aluminium structure.

Another reason to choose aluminium window shutters is their weather resistance. As aluminium is an inert metal, it does not rust, making window shutters long-lasting and highly robust.

Why are security shutters the best?

Most window shutters are designed to add value to the property’s looks. Modern shutters look equally attractive whether installed inside or outside the homes. They also look as good when closed as they do open; the same can’t be said about curtains or blinds.

Shutters boost the security of the house without compromising on light. Plantation shutters protect without blocking the light from entering the rooms. This is a significant improvement over curtains that don’t offer the same comfort.

Additionally, shutters offer flexibility to keep your house occupied even when empty. Usually, people need clarification about whether to leave the curtains and blinds closed when leaving for a holiday. If you leave them closed, you are announcing to the world that you are away, but leaving them open provides a full view of the room. There is no ideal choice. However, shutters do away with this problem entirely.


Window shutters are essential not just for interior designs but also for security. Of all the available options, aluminium shutters are the most secure. These security shutters are elegant, have a very smooth finish and robust build. Therefore, if you are looking for the best security shutters, we recommend aluminium window shutters.

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