Which Size of Skip Should You Hire for Home Renovation?

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  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: February 22, 2023
  • Updated On: February 22, 2023

Your home renovation project will require planning of several aspects. That may include finding the best home renovation contractor, arrangements to get rid of waste material, budget, etc. Such home renovation projects involve demolition work that produces a lot of debris and rubble.

Unless you have planned how to get rid of the waste building materials, you will end up with mountains of rubbish. 

Here comes the need of skip hire. You need to hire a 4 yard skip – 5 yard skip for home renovation projects, depending on the waste material generated during renovation.

What is skip hire?

A skip is a container available in several sizes used to dispose of waste materials from construction sites. You can think of them as very large dustbins that households and businesses use when they dispose of large volumes of waste. Home renovation often produces a lot of trash that needs disposal.

You can hire skips for any period, depending on your requirement. There are a variety of skip sizes available, but usually, for home improvement projects, it is ideal to hire 5 yard skip. A skip hire will deliver the bin and then collect the skip from your premises once it is filled with garbage.

Almost any kind of waste can be disposed of in a skip, such as household, construction, demolition, garden, and electronic waste.

However, some skip hire have restrictions on what can be disposed of in them, so it is best to check with your local skip hire company before you put anything in the skip. Usually, hazardous waste is not allowed, and specialised facilities for such waste are available.

How to decide on the size of skip for waste disposal requirements?

The skip size appropriate for your waste disposal will depend on several factors. It is essential to choose the right size because overloading a skip can be dangerous and illegal.

Here is a general guide of what skip size you should hire, depending on the activity.

You won’t require a large skip if your home renovation involves simply improving the kitchen or bathroom. A 4-yard skip is enough if you merely revamp your kitchen or bathroom.

However, don’t underestimate the amount of waste. For most bathroom and kitchen renovations, it is better to hire 5 yards skip just to be on safe side. If you are planning a complete renovation, it is most likely a job for a 6-yard skip.

A loft conversion will generate a lot of waste, including rubbish, building materials and rubble. As lofts often store old junk, you’re most likely to get rid of them too. It might not be as extensive as a whole house renovation, but still, you will require a large enough skip.

A 7-yard skip will be most suitable for loft conversion projects. If you plan to clear a fully furnished room by stripping the loft to a minimum, you will require a 12-yard skip.

5 yard skip – best for home renovation

Skip hire is the best service to eliminate waste during and after a home renovation. You must choose the right skip size to dispose of the waste. 5 yard skip hire is best for home renovation projects as suggested with examples above.

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