Why do light bulbs explode?

Why do light bulbs explode?

Are you searching about the main reasons for bulb exploding? If yes, you are at the right place. We have compiled the fundamental reasons or causes behind the bulb explosion. No doubt, we all suffer from this issue at some point in our lives. But it doesn’t mean that it will happen all time.

Unfortunately, a bulb explosion could be dangerous, especially if you are not at home or lying under the light bulb. That’s why it’s essential to know about the leading causes for this issue. So, you can save yourself or your property from a significant loss.

Well, we see many light bulbs in our homes and offices. But the main issue occurs when a bulb explodes instead of fusing or burning. However, you can avoid this situation by considering or understanding the primary factors that lead to the bulb’s explosion.

Luckily! You can do many things to avoid the bulb’s explosion after knowing the central facts behind this issue. Do you want to save your room’s light or bulb from the explosion? If yes, keep learning and get better answers to all your queries related to this topic.

Lack Of Protection

We all know that insulation material or sheet offers better protection to the bulbs. However, most companies don’t consider adding insulation material in the base of blubs. Unfortunately, lack of insulation leads to blub explosion. The bulb’s head can melt quickly and in no time if there is no insulation material in the base frame.

Moreover, once the base has melted, the gas will leak from the bulb. It may also become the leading cause of bulb fuse. So, you have to check the properties of bulbs while buying them.

Inappropriate Bulb Wattage

Keep in mind to choose the socket with the same wattage as the bulb has. Otherwise, the difference in wattage may harm your power supply and also explode the bulb.

For this, you have to consider the fixture setup or structure according to the wattage requirements of the bulb. Indeed, it is always an excellent option to buy a blub with low wattage. It would be more suitable at the fixture time, especially if you don’t know about the complete setup.

Thermal Stress

If you don’t know about this term, let’s discuss it for a better understanding. Actually, thermal stress rises when the bulb failed to scatter the heat. The main reason for this disperses is the higher rate of driven current inside the bulb, even for a few seconds. Moreover, excessive heat because of higher electricity heats the bulb that causes an explosion.

On the other hand, this electricity stress or pressure may also cause a short circuit. However, the bulb will fuse but not explode in this condition. So, you can say that too much heat is the main reason for the bulb fusing an immediate bang. However, you can overcome this issue by installing heat sinks or heat indulgence devices.

Inappropriate Light Sockets

Bulbs come with the bases to fix in the light sockets. You have to insert these bases properly in the sockets to save them from any issue.

To save yourself from this issue, try to choose the bulbs and sockets with the same properties. The imperfect socket passes the electricity directly to the bulb instead of the base.

It may overheat the bulb and explode it within no time. So, you don’t have to face any difficulty while fixing the bulbs in the sockets. All you need to do is fitting or screwing the bulb in the correct size socket to eliminate all the bang issues.

Sudden Change In Voltage

The immediate change in the voltages is also known as a power surge. Even if the base of the electric bulb consists of insulation, it can pass a specific amount of electricity.

But the overwhelming surpass of voltages during the power surge may cause bulb explosion. Keep in mind that fluorescent bulbs are more prone to bangs in power surge because of Halogen’s presence in their infrastructure.

Moreover, the excessive power flow may also heat the filament inside the bulb. In the case of filament burning, the bulbs will explode immediately. So, overheating and power surges are the main issues behind the bulb’s expansions.

Oily Hand On The Sensitive Bulb’s Surface

Halogen is the central aspect the makes the fluorescent bulb sensitive to oily hands. If you have fixed the bulb in the socket with oily hands, the oil residues will remain on the surface. Well, this presence of oil on the incandescent bulbs will overheat and explode them horribly.

That’s why it’s better to wash the oily hands before placing or adjusting the bulb of any type in the socket.

A Defective Light Bulb

If you buy the bulbs in large numbers, you may also have some defective bulbs. Unfortunately, an average person cannot understand the bulb’s inner parts, including filament, socket, and insulation material. So, it would not be easy for you to detect the defective bulb. However, you can get rid of this issue by replacing the run-out bulb with a new piece.

Moreover, you can also test the bulbs while purchasing to save time and money. All you need to do is inspecting the bulb to know about the defect and any other issue. Consequently, if it’s not possible to wash the hands, wear gloves and save the room from the bulb’s bang.

Final Words

In short, a bulb explosion would be horrible or alarming in your home, especially under specific circumstances. That’s why it’s better to work on the precautions mentioned above to save the bulbs and sockets from severe damages.

You can inspect the bulb before installing it into the socket yourself or with the help of an expert. For sure, professionals will help to diagnose the issues and real causes behind the bulb explosion.

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