Why Is There an Increasing Amount of China-Sourced Memorial Headstones?

There an Increasing Amount of China-Sourced Memorial Headstones
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: August 29, 2022
  • Updated On: July 10, 2023

When you are in the unfortunate position of losing a loved one you want to be able to arrange a fitting tribute that serves as a lasting memory of them.

That normally takes the shape of a beautiful headstone. However, it has proved troublesome to source the materials in places like the US, which is why you are most likely to be offered a granite monument that comes from China.

It is not just global supply-chain issues that have created this scenario. It is also the fact that China has the ability to fulfill the demands of grieving customers by not only having access to the raw materials required, but by offering competitive prices and ready-made design solutions.

It is now the case that many monuments sold in the US have been produced using granite from China. Sadly, the global pandemic created a massive surge in demand for memorial headstones and it is China that has been able to respond to the increase in requests for these headstones.

Market forces

Whatever arguments you might want to construct about the rise of imports and why so many items are sourced from overseas, there are valid reasons why Chinese headstones are proving popular. Consumers will always choose the option that delivers the best quality and value combined.

It is clear to see why headstones imported from China have proved so popular. You only have to look at the artistic creations being offered by talented sculptors from this region of the world to see why so many people choose this option. Especially so when you take the value for money that these creations tend to offer against rival offerings.

A growing number of artistic headstones are being crafted by talented Chinese sculptors before being shipped to America. They are gracing American graveyards and providing a fitting tribute in ever-increasing numbers.

Market forces will always decide the winner. When you can acquire a beautiful memorial at such an affordable price many consumers will be less inclined to have too many concerns about where the headstone originated from.

Fulfilling grieving relatives wishes

It is only natural that you will want to provide the best possible memorial to a loved one that you have recently lost. However, the difficult subject of price always has to come into the equation as most people tend to have a budget in mind or a figure that they have to work to.

One of the big reasons why more headstones are sourced from China these days is because it often means you can make a grander statement and still stay within budget.

A good example of that would be if you were looking for something like a carved double angel memorial. The price of a monument such as this would often be beyond the reach of the average consumer when you look at the cost of one made in America. However, an imported version of that can often be found for about a third of the price.

That means you can pay tribute to a loved one with a much grander headstone and still stay within budget.

If you want something out of the ordinary or spectacular, it is now perfectly feasible that you might get your wish fulfilled at a price you didn’t think would be possible.

Comparable quality

The obvious concern for a number of consumers would be whether you might be compromising on quality when ordering an imported monument from China.

Some sellers within the industry would argue that the quality of these imported headstones compares very favorably to its American counterparts. In other words, you are getting the sort of quality you want with your monument despite paying a very competitive price.

It is understandable that American based vendors might not want to publicly state that Chinese sculptors might vene be more skilled than their US rivals, but ask them privately and it would not be a surprise if they said that the level of fine detailing such as strands of hair shows how accomplished they are.

A tradition of sculpting

It should not really be that much of a surprise to learn that the Chinese sculptors have such talent for producing stunning monuments when you consider their history and heritage.

The art of sculpting can be traced back over a thousand years in China. Therefore, it is not surprising that those based in the sculpting region of the country have the weight of history and proud tradition to uphold every time they work on a new creation.

Many of the sculptors learned their craft using a variety of hand tools rather than relying on a pneumatic chisel. Stones from around the globe are sent to the sculpting region of China. They are then worked on by one of the many sculptors available in that area.

The wide availability of skilled sculptors in China is another reason for the growth in imported headstones coming to America. The number of sculptures in the United States is falling annually. This is only going to help fuel an increase in the number of imported monuments.

A quicker turnaround

It is perhaps an ironic twist that you are more likely to get a monument ordered from China quicker than if you ordered one in the US.

When you consider the logistics. Despite the travel time involved to import the monument from China, a typical scenario would see an order fulfilled in just eight weeks. It takes anything up to six months to get a headstone sculpted in the States.

This highlights how well prepared the Chinese are to serve this market. It also highlights the lack of available sculptors in the US and the delays that this causes in being able to deliver on an order.

At the end of the day, if you are a consumer and want to get the best possible headstone at the best possible price, you will find it difficult to beat what is available from China.

No compromise on quality, Affordability, and good availability. These are compelling reasons why there is an increasing amount of headstones being sourced from China.

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