Things You Need To Know About Wood Fence Post Driver

Things You Need To Know About Wood Fence Post Driver
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 14, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Ever had a fence to erect assigned to you? It might appear straightforward, but it’s no simple task, especially outdoors in the heat and humidity. The truth is that installing a fence is always a bad choice because it requires much backbreaking labor.

It’s good that fence construction can be sped up with the right tools. Your post driver is your primary fence-building tool. Using this device, you may firmly and deeply embed your fence posts in the ground. It takes on several forms and is an essential component of the process.

By the topography and post dimensions, these machines merely hammer the post from the top. Everything from little fence posts on farms to substantial municipal rail or sign supports can be installed using various post drivers.

Fence Post Driver: An Overview

An instrument called a post driver is used to pound fence posts into the earth. Even though setting fence posts in the ground can appear simple, it involves more than just digging a hole. The last thing you want is a fence that topples over from posts that were buried too deeply.

Your posts should be firmly planted in the ground to withstand harsh weather. You can ensure that the post is driven firmly into the ground with the least damage by driving it consistently downward with a post driver.

Types Of Fence Post Drivers

Pneumatic Post Drivers

Outside of construction sites, they are not all that prevalent. Pneumatic post drivers use external air compressor power. The pounder is elevated using air pressure, but the principles are the same as with manual post drivers.

Pneumatic drivers are heavy, but they can raise much weight with little effort, significantly reducing the amount of physical labor required.

Manual Post Drivers

These kinds of post drivers depend on people’s lifting power. Compared to a hammering tool like a sledgehammer, it can function with less energy according to its design. Simple yet effective posts are the goal of manual posting.

The diameter of a post that fits inside a hollow pounder’s open end, which is more or less than the diameter, is the hollow pounder. The post bumps up against the closed end of the pounder.

The striking force is retained because the pounder is supplied through a hollow tube with minimal room for movement; as a result, the striking force is much harder than the operator’s strength.

Gas Post Drivers

The posts are driven into the ground by these post drivers using a combustion engine. Gas-powered post drivers tap incredibly quickly, resembling jackhammers in their motion.

These drivers vibrate a weight into the ground rather than banging it against a post. Although they are significantly more powerful, gas-powered post drivers are just as portable as the manual version.

Advantages Of Fence Post Drivers

Compared to excavating and manually installing posts, post drivers have several benefits. They make it possible for installers to rapidly and effectively set posts on big projects and make it simple to set posts in difficult terrain or soil.

In addition, using a hydraulic or pneumatic post driver instead of trying to level the posts by eye makes it simpler to place posts, so they are straight and level. Instead of employing a hydraulic or air-powered post driver, hand post placement techniques are frequently more efficient for smaller jobs.

Digging by hand can be more precisely done and potentially safer if pipelines or lines are buried underground. In addition to being more affordable and providing better access and control in constrained spaces, manual post setup saves time and money.

Choose A Post Driver Based On Your Task

It is challenging to respond to this issue because the choice of a post driver depends on your circumstances. You may wish to take into account renting both gas-powered and manual post drivers from a nearby equipment rental firm.

A pneumatic driver has considerable power, but it might not be accessible to you or might require a complicated setup. Whether your job is gas or manual, it’s critical to determine its magnitude. Depending on the season, where you reside, and how much work needs to be done, you may decide to use a gas-powered post driver.


Regardless of your choice, use a post driver to install your fence. Without it, you won’t be able to set your fence posts deep enough to support it throughout the seasons and against the elements.

Most importantly, remember that, from an accessibility standpoint, manual post drivers aren’t always the greatest choice for your position. Yes, you can buy a manual post driver from the hardware store.

However, a gas-powered version is frequently available as well. The best part is that renting one from an equipment yard usually only costs a few dollars. You might find it simpler to rent a gas fence post driver and complete the task in a fraction of the time for as many times as you’ll be pounding posts.

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