10 Signs Your Home Needs A Sewer Service

Needs Of A Sewer Service
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: June 6, 2022
  • Updated On: July 9, 2023

Maintaining your home in top condition should always be number one on your list. If left unchecked, multiple signs of damage could instantly result in costly repairs and harm your house’s integrity. With that, you should always be on the lookout for any tell-tale signs for home repair and address them immediately.

One of the top things you should always be on the lookout for in your living space is your electricity, gas, and plumbing. With plumbing, you should be extra cautious as broken pipes might develop leaks which could further bring disrepair to your property. Issues with residential plumbing and sewerage can raise health concerns too.

While you can always give sewer companies like AAA Sewer Service a call whenever something’s wrong, it’s a rule of thumb to stay vigilant at all times. Below are some of the situations which will require you to avail yourself of sewer services from licensed professionals:

Pipelines in Sewer Service Are Important

Slow Drains

One of the most frequent signs that you need a sewer service is if you’re experiencing slow-moving drains. You may notice that your shower or sink is draining slower, taking a few minutes, instead of the usual. You can also see recurring clogging issues that a damaged sewage system can cause.

A clogged tub, toilet, and others can be problematic for your home. Always keep in mind that it’ll always be better to have this problem checked right away instead of letting it be the cause of more severe sewer issues.

Foul Smell Emanating From Pipes

Regardless of the address you live in, you shouldn’t be able to smell the raw sewage inside your home. Not only that it might severely dampen your and your loved ones’ appetite during mealtimes, but it can also be an obvious symptom of a wrong sewage system inside your home.

If there’s an instance where you can smell the sewage odor within your property perimeter, it’s time to call a professional and let them investigate what’s wrong with your residential sewage system. It’s better to let them check what’s wrong instead of waiting for the issue to worsen.

Gurgling Noise

There are times when you’ll hear noises coming from your drain and pipes. Remember that this isn’t normal. You may hear the water having a hard time traveling down your pipes causing a gurgling noise. It’s said that a perfectly functioning pipe has little to no drainage sound at all.

Gurgling Noise From A Sewer Service Is Working

Flooding Around Your Property

One of the most obvious signs of sewage and water supply issues is if you notice that there’s water accumulating around different areas of your residence such as your backyard, lawn, and others. This could indicate that there’s something wrong with your sewer drain.

The flooding can start small, yet it can spiral out of control over time that your basement can be severely affected by the sewage.

Water and other sewer debris shouldn’t have any problems going through the drain except if something is blocking them from falling freely through the gutter. Make sure to have this issue checked by a professional to avoid serious problems.

Higher Water Bills Every Month

As you live inside your home, you may notice a changing pattern with your water bill. Your household’s water consumption may vary each month and it’ll be reflected in the bills you receive from your water provider.

If you see that your water bill is getting higher than what you usually get, it could signify that there’s something wrong with your sewage. Leaky or busted pipes can be the cause of astronomically high water payments monthly.

Abnormal Toilet Water Level

There’s a specific water level that your toilet stays at. Most of the time, it stays within the normal range of water level if no plumbing issues are present. Still, if you notice that the water is randomly rising than the average amount of water or if the water gets almost depleted, it’s time to have your sewage checked the soonest.

Old Sewer Lines

If you know that your sewers are getting old, it may be the best time to change them. Sewage systems can last for a long time but don’t expect that you won’t be replacing them any time soon.

Old sewer lines need replacing to make sure that they’ll still be functioning well and also for you to avoid extra costs in the future. It’s best to purchase new sewer pipes and devices upon the recommendation of a sewer service company.

If you’ve purchased an old home, it’s best to summon a sewer company and have the sewer lines and pipes regularly inspected around the home and the basement area. Most regular sewer lines last for decades but if you feel like yours are nearing their end, you should replace them right away.

Broken Pipes

If your home has damaged pipes, make sure to have them replaced or repaired on the dot. Although the service and repair costs may be high, it’s still better to have your house’s damaged pipes replaced instead of waiting for an issue to arise because of them being neglected.

You can easily spot them by inspecting any exposed pipes inside your home or calling a plumber for your annual maintenance check.

Low Water Pressure

As soon as you notice that your shower or faucet isn’t supplying water as it used to before, it might be time to have your sewers checked. It’s said that broken residential sewage can lead to a number of sticky situations: water pressure will weaken, or water supply will be cut off entirely in the worst-case scenario.

Water Discoloration

As soon as you notice that your tap water supply changes in color, contact a professional service right away so they can check what the possible issue with your sewage is.

Dark and murky water can indicate an issue with your residential sewage system’s filtration. Unclear and impure water isn’t safe for human use and consumption. Refrain from using the water coming out of your house’s pipes until the issue has been addressed.


Looking for signs that your home needs a sewer service is essential. This will prevent any problems and allow your home to be a safe environment to live in. As soon as you notice something’s wrong with your pipes, you should call a professional sewer service right away for help and guidance.

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