How To Move Glass Furniture

How To Move Glass Furniture
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: June 3, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

No doubt, delicate glass furniture appears exquisite and ultra-sophisticated. Due to its elegant appearance and feel, we increasingly use glass in our houses. However, protecting glass furniture is something that all glass lovers should undertake, especially if you’re planning to relocate your all-glass coffee table or dining set.

When it comes to moving, however, having glass furniture necessitates a lot of effort and time to figure out how to carry it safely, so it doesn’t break when you arrive at your new home. To move glass furniture properly, you’ll need specialized tools and take specific precautions to ensure its transported safely in a moving van or truck. Suddath Moving, a professional packing and moving service, provides expert tips for safely moving your delicate glass furniture.

There are a few pointers for moving glass furniture safely. Let’s talk about them, so you don’t get any cracks or breaks in your expensive glass furniture. To learn more, keep reading.

A Few Considerations Before Moving Glass Furniture

Even with the help of professional movers, homeowners should be aware of the best practices for packing and securing glass items. Furthermore, proper packing procedures can be the difference between a traumatic move with shattered glass and a less stressful move with all your glass objects intact when you get to your new home.

Get your packing supplies together to make moving day less stressful. Your truck rental business may be able to provide some of the necessary equipment, such as moving blankets or a hand truck. Home improvement stores, truck rental places, and self-storage facilities have plenty of moving boxes, tape, and packing paper.

Tips To Move Glass Furniture Safely

Sort Out Fragile Glass Items

Defining and arranging your fragile items is the first step in packaging glassware. Glass furniture is frequently accompanied by a detachable wooden or iron support. Check the glass furniture to see how much of it can be removed.

Disassembling the furniture pieces makes it much easier to transport them through glass doors, small hallways, and up and down stairwells. To pack the delicate glass tabletop, start removing it from the base. You’ll want to pay attention if the glass furniture has several detachable sections because you’ll need to reassemble it.

Pack Glass Tabletops In Criss Cross Pattern

Mirror and glass table tops are also considered Fragile products; thus, packaging them is identical. As a result, you can utilize this strategy in both scenarios. To protect the glass tabletop from cracking, wrap it with packaging tape in a criss-cross design.

Wrap packing paper or newspaper around the glass tabletop. Another layer of packing tape can be used to keep it in place. This will protect the glass from scratches and fingerprints while in transit.

Use Bubble Wrap For Extra Protection

Wrap the glass tabletop in bubble wrap for added protection. To store the wrapped glass tabletop, use a packaging cardboard box. Stuff it with newspaper, packing material, and old clothes. Fill any gaps with newspaper or other absorbent material before placing the tabletop inside the box.

Fill the box so that the glass tabletop does not move inside. The package should then be sealed and labeled “fragile.” This will alert experienced movers to take extra precautions.

Pack Mirrors And Small Glass Frames Together

Small mirrors and picture frames should be packed together to make the moving procedure easier for these glass items. But first, be sure you’ve taken all of the appropriate safety procedures. Make an X mark on the glass inset using painter’s or artist’s tape.

Then, using the same tape, connect a piece of cardboard to a slightly larger frame than the glass. Bubble wrap or packing paper should be used to protect these glass goods. Fill holes with paper to keep the mirror or picture frame from moving.

Don’t Lay The Glass Items On Floor

Remember not to let the glass or mirror things fall to the ground while moving. Because these delicate goods are strongest at the edges, it’s important to keep them upright to avoid cracking or shattering.

Stacking glass goods on top of one another is likewise a bad idea. Scratches can occur when glass is stacked without a protective layer in between. Newspaper and packing boards are helpful in this situation. Even though the glass goods are low in weight, it’s important to ask for assistance when carrying them.

Keep Heavy Furniture Far Away From Glass Items

Keep your other items away from your glass furnishings if they are heavier. If this isn’t possible, you’ll have to make two trips. While this is inconvenient, you may rest assured that your glass furniture will not be smashed by mistake.

It can help you avoid the hassle of looking for and transferring replacement parts in the future. The contents of your moving truck may have changed depending on how far you drove and how bumpy the roads were.

Even if you followed all the necessary precautions, your glass furniture might be unsteady, or something may have fallen on top.

Bottom Line

Hiring pros to move your fragile items safely is the best option. Don’t put your possessions at risk to try something new. Moving glass or mirror goods are not as straightforward as they appear. Packing, loading, and unloading fragile objects is a specialty of specialists.

So, seeking expert assistance is the best option. You’ll be able to transfer your valuable handmade glass furniture safely and effectively if you follow the basic instructions discussed. You’ll save money by not employing movers, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your glass furniture will arrive at its destination safely and soundly.

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