4 Types Of Wall Finishing Designs That Are Trendy In 2021

Trendy Wall Finishing Designs In 2021

Wall finishes refer to finishing touches given to the wall, enhancing the exterior or interior look of the structure. When it comes to interior wall finishes, they’re somewhat delicate which need maintenance. On the other hand, exterior walls are designed to withstand elements with superior longevity and beauty.

Below are some types of wall finishing designs that are trendy this 2021.

1) Texture Coating Wall Finish

Texture coating has been a part of architectural wall finishing, which can be attained with Tufftex and other types of texture paint products. Texture paints come in a vast range of roll-on and trowel-on finishes.

Most texture paints are acrylic-based. Because they’re not cement, texture coating products provide superior adhesion to any kind of surface, which allows for absorption, expansion, and shrinkage. They resist cracking.

Here are the benefits of textured paints as wall finishing:

2) Marble Powder Wall Finish

 Trendy Wall Finishing Designs In 2021

A marble powder wall finish is very smooth that appears like marble flooring. Having a marble powder wall finish depicts elegance in living rooms and bathrooms. Finishes are obtained by the mortar of marble powder, water, and white cement applied manually.

Marble wall finish has good adhesion capability and is recommended for humid rooms. When the powder is combined with water, it produces an even bright white surface and odorless finish. This finish doesn’t need painting but you can tint it with pigments.

3) Mirrored Walls

Mirrored walls will never go out of style because this material is always a reflection or modern feel. Even this year 2021, mirrored walls are still in demand for many good reasons. For one, you can make your home more energy-efficient, saving you money from energy bills.

Mirrored walls create a more spacious illusion. Because mirrors reflect light, mirrored walls can double up the size of a room, like a bathroom.

Small rooms without windows can benefit from a single wall mirror, which; serves as an extension of your exterior. Hence, many interior designers suggest mirrors to make rooms more functional and interesting.

Apartment renovation process with stylish blue shades walls and wooden parquet floor from concrete floor and top

Check the following tips when installing mirrored walls:

  • Mount a mirror opposite to the largest window to create a secondary window.
  • Mirrored walls can help widen or lengthen a corridor, which are perfect alternatives to paintings.
  • Mount a full-length mirror on the upper half portion of a wall. A full-length mirror can maximize the elegance of a ceiling with a chandelier, spreading artificial light. Hence, you can save electricity and make the room look brighter.

4) Laminate Wall Panels

Do you want to add protection and improve your room’s aesthetics at the same time without spending much money? If your answer is yes, then you can install laminate wall panels. It strikes the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality.

It has different benefits, such as the following:

  • Wide Selection: You can customize laminate wall panels, unlike glass or wood panels. Whether you want royal walnut shade or rustic solid grey, laminate panels come in different patterns, colors, and decors. You can panel your walls using a laminate to save money from expensive wall materials.
  • Easy To Install: Installing and removing laminate wall panels are easier than other wall alternatives. The installation process doesn’t produce undesirable remnants like grout lines and exposed adhesives.
  • Durable: Laminate wall panels are made from high pressure, making them very sturdy. They can resist fire, moisture, corrosion, and high impact. Decorative laminate walls are in demand this 2021 because the cladding has anti-microbial properties.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike wallpaper that requires regular upkeep, laminate wall panels are low maintenance. They can resist abrasion, scratches, and other types of damages, making them easier to maintain.


You can try the above wall finishing designs that are trendy this year. You can try texture coating to easily achieve the wall finish texture you want without making complex application processes.

If you still want the classic or traditional wall finish, then a marble powder wall finish is a good option. Mirrored walls and laminate wall panels are also in demand for wall finishing designs this year.

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