UK homeowners talk about cheap home improvements that make a big difference

UK homeowners cheap home improvements
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: September 27, 2021
  • Updated On: July 5, 2023

During a renovation, it’s easy to get caught up in the big picture and ignore the more minor elements. However, small details can create a significant impact, not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of quality of life. Since you’re already updating the room’s appearance, why not improve its functionality as well?

In this article, some homeowners share their experiences with us on the most affordable improvements they made while creating a space that increased the worth of their property and improved its functionality.

Landscaping Elements Will Make Your Lawn Look So Much Better

“The importance of curb appeal cannot be overstated, so don’t overlook the exterior of your home. Planting more trees, bushes, and flowers, as well as keeping your lawn beautiful and verdant, may greatly enhance the exterior of your property, making it an excellent location for special events and picnics.

Adding borders, cultivating a garden, building a garden fence or cobblestone walkway, or growing a tree are all simple landscaping tasks that will contribute to the betterment of your home,” Simon Winker, a resident of Sunderland, told us.

He went on: “Small garden decking ideas such as the installation of composite decking boards, setting up an outdoor kitchen, built-in planters, or garden furniture can enhance outdoor aesthetics.”

Hire a professional cleaning service for your home.

There’s nothing quite like stepping into a lovely, tidy home, but these days, who gets time to polish floorboards and wipe down the panes on a Saturday?

“Professional cleaning can make a massive difference in the atmosphere and appearance of your home,” Jeremiah Noah, a teacher who lives in Winchester, stated.

According to him, the majority of cleaning services will provide the following services:

  • Floor cleaning, sweeping, and polishing
  • Dusting furniture, fans, floorboards, and window frames
  • Cleaning the bathroom sink, tub, and shower
  • Changing sheets and towels
  • Deep cleaning of carpets
  • Cleaning the kitchen equipment

For a more modern appearance, update your hardware.

Natasha Clafin, a Salfon-based entrepreneur, says updating light fittings and fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen is a cheap and straightforward method to give your property a fresh look.

She further explained that the bathroom and kitchen are two critical areas that can make or mar a quick sale of your home to a prospective buyer.

“However, if you don’t have the resources to undertake a comprehensive redesign, changing little features such as lighting and fixtures can give the areas a modest makeover. In addition to giving the space a fresh look, upgrading ceiling fans can improve energy efficiency.”

Enhance a Room with a New Paint

UK homeowners cheap home improvements

A Truro-based homeowner, Gleeson Rowan, told us that painting a room may completely transform the appearance and atmosphere of your house.

“Painting may transform a dull or dreary space into something fresh and bright, and it’s a relatively simple weekend home DIY project.”

“Analyse colours, look through your favourite publications or Pinterest boards for ideas and try out different patterns and coatings to identify the most suitable colour for your area. If you’re selling your home, try using a neutral colour scheme or subdued hues that won’t turn off prospective homebuyers.”

For a stunning first impression, add colour to your entryway.

“By adding a dash of colour to your entrance, you can create a pleasant first impression. Investing in a beautiful entry door (or repainting your existing one) is a simple and cheap way to boost your home’s aesthetic appeal and give it a facelift,” Adam Marwood, who lives in Harborne, explains.

“A bold colour, such as orange or yellow, can help your property stand out from the crowd and give it character.”

Make a Statement in the Kitchen with a Colourful Backsplash

Callum Zizzari, a banker who lives in London, said, “Installing a patterned backsplash in the kitchen will instantly transform the space without the inconvenience of a complete redesign.”

“This is a fun project where you can express yourself by using a variety of colours, materials, and textures. A beautiful backsplash in the kitchen is an excellent way to add uniqueness and beauty to the space without spending a lot of money.”

Replace the hardware in your kitchen or bathroom.

Egerton Watkins, who lives in Sheffield, said hardware replacements are the simplest way to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom.

“When you begin, double-check that the equipment will fit into the old holes; otherwise, the project will grow to involve plugging old holes as well as making new ones. Take the old knob to a home improvement outlet to compare the length around the pull hole to make sure the new ones will fit perfectly,” he explained.

“Search for kitchen hardware online before purchasing the item in a store. You might be able to get a far better deal.”

Make the closet more functional by organizing it.

“You can purchase and set up a closet-organizing system from eBay or a home improvement outlet, or you may build your own using furniture you have already or have purchased elsewhere,” explained Banks Agnew, a Leicester-based engineer.

Increase your home’s curb appeal.

Fiona Taylor, who owns a home in Plymouth, advised homeowners to decorate their front door or go all out and repaint the entire house, including the garage.

“Replace the home number and the mailbox. Planting new flowers and hedges will enhance your home’s curb appeal even further. A clean doormat can also make a big difference,” she added.

Convert your closet into a makeshift mudroom.

“Many houses have outerwear closets where residents can hang their outerwear. It doesn’t account for the bags, footwear, sports gear, or other belongings your household takes home and abandons at the front door,” stated Corey Green from Birmingham.

“To construct a room that perfectly fits your family’s demands removes the closet doors and install hangers and shelving. There are freestanding entryway units that can be used instead of a closet.”

Replace any outdated lighting fixtures.

Matt Reid, who lives in Birmingham, said: “A chandelier replacement is surprisingly simple; however, some light fixture replacements should be left to the contractors because of the specialized skills required.

“An even simpler task is to just replace all of your old socket and switch plates with new components.”

Out in the yard, construct a stone or brick pathway

Zadok Fearn, a resident of Brighton, said: “In many circumstances, all that is required is a few stones and some gravel. To save money on construction materials, shop for stones on Craigslist.’

Your showerhead should be replaced.

“A rain-style showerhead may rapidly transform a humdrum bath into a spa-like experience. A more energy-efficient model will also help you save money on your water bill”, explained Emily Alexander, a homeowner who resides in Aberaeron.

“Before installing the replacement head, cover the threads with plumber’s tape.”

Organize your kitchen cabinets by installing pullouts, shelving, and other storage options.

“Additions like pullout cabinets and lazy susans for spices require some know-how and equipment, but they don’t take long to install and provide you with a big increase in storage space,” Michael Allen, an Islington resident, claimed.

Get the pressure washer out of the garage.

James Vaughan, a native from Marylebone, enunciated: “Use a pressure washer to clean dirt, grime, mould, and other debris from your home exterior, as well as your patio and pathways. A pressure washer can be rented from a local hardware store for a reasonable price.”

Make minor improvements to your kitchen.

“Even if you don’t do a complete kitchen renovation, a few small changes might lead to significant improvements,” Niki Pisano, a resident of London.

“Consider repainting or replacing the doors on old cabinets. To achieve a polished appearance, choose the correct brush.”

Changing or updating your countertop is another solution.

“New faucets, for instance, can greatly improve the look of a kitchen or bathroom,” said Gill Osborne, a journalist from Chester.

Renovate your bathroom.

“The addition of a new shower nozzle, towels, and flooring to the bathroom quickly refreshes it. You can also do things like changing the sink or reface the bathtub if you don’t want to do a complete redesign,” explained Raldo Boyd, a homeowner based in Cambridge.

Enhance your outdoor area

Adam Foster, an interior decorator from Walworth, explained: “You can either build a new deck or deck or spruce up the one you presently have. Another simple option is to install soft lighting, and you can also do this while landscaping.”

Decorative elements like pillows and drapes should be changed regularly.

Drapes are becoming increasingly minimalistic in style. Use pillows and other decorative accessories to inject some life into unexciting furniture items for a new look.

Declutter your home with unnecessary furniture and other items.

“Increasing storage space for a home is important, and there are countless inventive solutions,” said Greenwood Little, a resident of Soho.

“However, before you do anything further, think carefully about what you want to store and whether or not you need it. Without spending a penny, you may give a room a fresh new look by taking out half of the furniture and cleaning the surfaces.”

Planters with a decorative flair

“Surround the section of your stairway or pathway leading up through your front entrance with a Flower Pot. These items are available in various sizes, allowing you to cluster them on staircases or a plain pathway. Regardless of how you arrange your pots, it will improve the look of your outdoor space,” explained Hale Dominic, a resident of London.

Install window boxes.

“Don’t just beautify your front entry. Make it come to life. Window boxes allow you to fill it with a vibrant display of flower arrangements. If you want to produce aromatic plants for cooking, use these planter boxes to cultivate a selection that matches the colour of your home,” explained Jay Little from Chelsea, London.

“Install one on each window sill or onto a plain wall.”

Replace your mailbox.

Denise Haggins from Fitzrovia stated: “Update your mailbox if it’s been damaged by late-night hooligans or the climate and weeds. You won’t be worried about a post falling because this sturdy, large box sits firmly against your home’s outer walls. It’s also available in four distinct finishes, each of which will bring a touch of class to your house.

“If your mailbox is metal, apply a rust-resistant coating.”

Decorate your door with a wreath.

“Having an eye-catching entrance does not necessitate painting your door deep red or yellow. Just place the wreath into the mix, and you’re done. I recommend an artificial wreath, which is appropriate for all seasons and requires no upkeep,” suggested Robin Harvey, a homeowner based in Hampstead.

“Do you have concerns about the colour fading? UV protection is built into the artificial wreath to keep that from happening.”

Your house number should be updated.

Mitchell Tait, a homeowner who lives in Clerkenwell, said: “Don’t bother with the peel-and-stick material. People who see your modern house numbers will know you care about your house. One of the best things about them is that they can be made in a matter of days and customized to fit your taste.

“To withstand bad weather, most manufacturers make their home number plaques from two layers of strong material: concrete on the outside and acrylic on the inside.”

Add a door knocker to your entryway setup.

“Door knockers can help your house feel more like a palace. This inexpensive purchase adds a lot of old-world elegance to your home – and it sounds far more majestic than a buzzer,” Sarah Rhodes, a homeowner based in Mayfair.

“You can get a non-corrosive door knocker manufactured from galvanized steel.”

Invest in an Outdoor Lantern

Tina Reeves, a teacher based in Belgravia, stated: “An outdoor lantern enhances the appearance of your porch as well as making it safer for guests to enter your house.

The fact that the outdoor Wall Lanterns are sold as a set makes them an excellent value. As a result, you may put one on either side of your front entrance or surround your garage to expand the light even more.

“These lanterns may be rotated to direct light upwards or downwards based on personal preference and location. They’re composed of black polypropylene plastic with transparent acrylic lenses, so they’re weatherproof and corrosion-resistant.”

String Lights Can Enhance the Atmosphere

“String lights installed over a deck, balcony, or garden can transform any open space into a place to relax, expanding the amount of space that may be used for entertainment.

If you’re having guests over or like to spend warm evenings outside with a glass in hand during the summer, this extra “space” will come in useful,” said David Raddings, a resident of Holborn.

Put flowers in your yard or garden.

Townsend Ripley, who lives in Fitzrovia, explained: “Flowers are a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your property. Flowers that are low maintenance and provide a dash of colour to your outdoors can be purchased for less than $50. Shrubs and small plants are equally capable of achieving the same outcomes.”

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