6 Amenities That Are Offered At The Best Storage Unit Companies

Storage Unit Companies
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: December 22, 2022
  • Updated On: December 22, 2022

Storage units come in handy when people need to store their belongings, whether moving, decluttering, renovating, or needing to keep their recreational items. A storage facility in Darlington offers short and long-term storage and has different amenities depending on an individual’s needs, budget, and preference.

There are many companies to choose from; finding the right one can take time and effort. Here are 6 essential amenities you should consider when looking for storage in Maspeth.

Climate Controlled

An exemplary storage unit has its humidity and air temperature regulated and has a dehumidifier and HVAC system. Climate-controlled units store plastics, furniture, electronics, paper items, discs, and delicate fabric. With humidity controlled, your wood furniture does not warp, expand or crack; constant temperatures prevent your plastic objects from breaking or bending.

Climate-controlled units protect your belongings from damage because they provide consistent temperature and humidity. These units are often expensive, and you should expect to pay more.

Drive Up

One amenity that storage in Maspeth should offer is drive-up access, which is similar to your home garage, where you can pull up your vehicle into or next to your unit to load and unload your belongings. For convenience, you can easily access your unit with your car.

A drive-up storage unit is often large and can be used to store vehicles, boats or motorcycles when not in use and can be easily accessed when needed. Because it is similar to a garage, it is perfect for belonging that you would be comfortable storing in a garage.

First Floor

Storing your items in a storage company that has multi-floor units, pick a unit on the first floor because of its easy access. There is also better security as most are close to management and security offices, and response time is shorter in the event of an incident.

Elevator Access

Most storage companies have made it easy for their clients to access units on upper floors using an elevator, making it easier for you to access your belongings to and from the unit. Using stairs while carrying heavy boxes containing your belongings harms your back and may lead to injury. Storage companies limit access to each floor to keep your belongings safe by having floor-to-floor security.

Indoor Unit

For storage in Maspeth, choose a company with indoor units, which means you walk down the hallway to get to your team. Indoor units ensure that your belongings are protected from weather conditions throughout the year and outdoor elements every time your unit is open.


For the best storage experience, choose a company that offers premium services like 24/7 security, camera surveillance and access, personal access codes, individual unit lighting, door alarms and locks, and top-notch customer service. All these will play a hand in ensuring your mind is at ease regarding your items’ safety and ensuring that your interaction with the company staff is seamless.


Depending on your location, needs, budget, and preference, numerous storage companies exist. For storage in Maspeth, ensure that amenities protect your belongings from humidity, temperature, and thieves and give you a convenient, hassle-free experience.




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