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  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: December 22, 2022
  • Updated On: December 22, 2022

Have you been looking at your expansive empty back or front yard and wondering what to do with it to benefit your family’s needs?

There are many types of extensions that you could have built, ranging from entertaining to functional. Today we will discuss some of the things you could do with your extra space.

Outdoor living

There are many ways to extend your living space, so you can enjoy the outdoors.

If you do not have a porch or enclosure of some sort attached to your front or back door, there are a variety of enclosures you can build.

To simply enclose and dress up the main entrance of your home, you could build a small, simple front porch or an even smaller portico. You can also expand the porch to be anything from a screened-in porch, to give you an entertaining and relaxing outdoor area, or a verandah that wraps around your home to give you even more space and style.

When it comes to verandahs, an Alfresco verandah can be the ultimate spot to relax. Being an indoor yet outdoor type of design, an Alfresco style verandah can extend outdoor your entertaining area without subjecting you or your guest to the weather. Simply add insulation, outdoor ceiling fans, and some lighting to treat your guests and yourself to a fantastic dining experience in the heat of summer or the cold of winter.

If you want a less attached outdoor living enclosure, you may be interested in a Gazebo, like the one seen in the movie Sound of Music during the rainy love scene between Liesl and Rolf.

There are many other options depending on your space, style, and budget.

No matter which you choose, add some beautiful decking, and you’re set to go with a magnificent outdoor living area.

Space to work or play

For a small or medium place to store your tools or other items outside of your home, you can have a shed built.

If what you need most is a place to go where you can work on your projects or hobbies in peace, a workshop is the perfect type of extension for you.

Another great extension is a pool house. This building will allow you and your guest a private place to change, and possibly a spot to move inside — without going into your home — to relax and play games, making it a perfect changing and entertaining spot.

Your pool house can be custom designed to include covered poolside lounging spots. Add lighting and wood or stone features to dress the area up for a more luxurious look.

Parking and storage

Have you ever wanted a garage or a carport?

Having a place to park your vehicle where it’s protected from the elements is a wonderful thing.

The style of your carport or garage can often be a hard decision to make.

When you decide to build a shelter for your car, think about how you picture it to look. Do you want a fully enclosed building? Do you want it attached to your home, so you can park and go right inside, or would you prefer an unattached area?

For even more space and functionality, a big garage building can also double as a workshop to tinker with your cars.

You can also choose to build a carport — an open area with a roof.

For more style and function, there is the possibility of adding a verandah and carport combination to your home — space to relax or entertain and keep your car out of the elements.

Finding a builder

When looking for a builder, do your research. It is typically best to find a builder with years of experience in designing and building extensions. Companies like Mr. Verandah can carry out even the most complex outdoor extensions, due to the many years of experience their team of professionals have.

To keep yourself and your pockets safe, always check the builder’s licence, references, online reviews, and other credentials.

Most respectable builders will have a warranty available to ensure your happiness and safety for several years to come — giving you the ability to have peace of mind.

Talk to them about what you need. Discuss the time it may take to complete and get an estimated cost. Always ask for a contract prior to work starting, to ensure everyone is on the same page. Ask to see pictures of previous projects. This can help you with ideas and also tell you the quality of work they can do.

Choosing your extension

When deciding what to have built in your yard, think about what you need and want. Decide on a budget and price out your options.

Sometimes the logical option is to build more than one type of extension, depending on your space, money and needs. Find the perfect builder and enjoy your extension today.

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