6 Ways Basement Underpinning Can Help Increase Your Living Area

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Homeowners with older homes may agree that they could always use an upgrade and more space. The designs of older homes merely aren’t a good fit for the modern family’s needs. When families decide to move into one of these homes, they will more likely get a professional to do some underpinning for the basement.

Underpinning is a technique to increase the basement’s space while simultaneously addressing other issues. Although not everyone uses it to improve the size of this room, the value of going through the underpinning process brings added value to the home.

Here are some more ways that basement underpinning can help increase the living area of the house:

Creates More Room For Families

When families realize that they need an extra room or want to improve their current living situation, they usually call in an expert like Budget Reno to help them. Having a professional assess the space and give the family the best advice is one of the first steps toward increasing their living area.

As soon as the basement renovations are complete, the family can transform the space into anything they need. They can decide whether to create a home office, spare bedroom, or play area for the kids. Many families also add more storage options to improve the living space.

building more rooms for family is best idea

Takes Care Of Structural Issues

basement piping is done during construction

Older homes may have seen better days, and some may have structural issues with the foundation that need repairing. Homeowners that realize their basements could potentially be a safety hazard for the family would choose to underpin the basement to address these issues.

Once the home is more secure, they can start to plan renovations to the room to make it fitter for a living area. Without the structural issues like bowing basement walls, the space gives homeowners the peace of mind that their family is safe and the home is an excellent living area for all.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Like any other remodel or basement renovation, one of the first things to consider would be the room’s insulation. Once the basement underpinning process is complete, the same contractors can assist the family in installing suitable insulation to the room that could help them save on their utility bills.

As the underpinning takes the room deeper underground, there is always a chance of losing more of the home’s heat or cool air through uninsulated walls. It may leave a room unbearably cold or hot based on the climate. But adding insulation during the process overcomes this issue.

Boosts The Property’s Value

Adding more surface area to the home is a great selling point for potential clients should you decide to sell your home in the future. Not only does the current family benefit from the increased space, but the new family also will, especially when a professional does the underpinning and renovations are functional and beautiful.

Brings More Light To The Space

Lowering the basement floor through the underpinning process allows the homeowners to improve the lighting options in the room. Where there wasn’t enough room for light fixtures before, there is plenty of ceiling height to install them.

Suitable lighting will again depend on the family’s needs and the room’s function. But overall, it brings a more comfortable atmosphere to the basement. Underpinning could add enough depth for installing windows too.

With more natural daylight flowing in from outside during the day, and enough lighting to do activities after dark, the basement area has become a more accessible and usable area for everyone in the home.

Leaves Room For Improvements

Opening up a new area in the home always leaves room for even more improvements. Depending on what the family has planned for the space, new utility outlets can increase the value of the room even more.

If the room transforms into a washing area for mom, new taps and water drains should be in place. Or, if it is a home office, there will have to be electricity points to connect all the electronics.

The Final Word

The underpinning of a basement holds many valuable benefits for the current homeowner and their families. It will continue to have an increased value for any family that occupies the home in the future.

More surface space will lead to an increase in living areas that can revolutionize how everyone uses it daily. Contacting a professional will help get the ball rolling and advise on the best way forward to add more value and safety features to the home.

Homes are as comfortable as we make them, and adding a new area with all the comforts we need makes the house more homely than before.

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