How To Build A Paint Booth For Cabinets

How To Build A Paint Booth For Cabinets
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: July 4, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Practically every woodworking project involves applying finish. While many of us still use paintbrushes to apply to varnish and finish the wood items, any woodworker who works on a project for a while will ultimately start thinking about spraying.

Saving time and achieving a smoother finish are also benefits of spray finishing. For the majority of woodworkers, a spray booth is practically a necessity. The dimensions of a spray booth can range from that of a medium-sized shipping box to that of a garage.

A Few Considerations Before Building A Paint Booth For Cabinets

Air handling is essential in every spray booth. The goal is primarily to remove overspray from the air circulated through the spray booth by first drawing it away. In addition to some pretty effective filtration, this requires a lot of air movement.

Although cabinet booths can be manufactured in any size, they can be made to sit on a table or extend to the floor. So, a table can be placed inside. The opening size would therefore be determined by the area above the table in that case.

Focus On Booth Size

When developing the booth’s air handling system, you must be mindful of the size. A roughly shaped duct is required to force air through a blower that can move it.

A smaller duct will either need to increase air velocity or won’t be able to draw so much air through the booth. However, before a blower loses its capacity to handle the volume, it can only move the air so quickly.

Steps To Build A Paint Booth For Cabinets

Clear The Area

Clear a rough area of the garage to get started. Set up the booth outside the track of the door rails if you need to enter the garage during the project. If not, the containment poles that reach the ceiling would get in the way when the door is raised.

The size of an indoor spray paint booth with an average floor area is ideal for a range of projects.

Cover The Floor

Install an X-Board to identify the booth location and protect the garage floor. It is a water-repellent floor covering that is lightweight but strong.

You might use common home air conditioning filters as filters. However, filters will serve you better because they offer a finer level of filtering. It will eventually be necessary to empty the air from your spray booth outside.

Lack of adequate filters will lead to the release of overspray, which will stain your home, floor or used area. In that instance, rather than sizing your ductwork, you can size it for the volume of air you need to have moved through the system. To figure out the duct size you need, consult the chart in the footnotes.

To manage how quickly the blower runs, which impacts how much air it draws, you might consider attaching a light dimmer switch to the blower.

Build The Paint Booth Walls

The plastic should be extended to the ceiling after being first clipped to the top of each containment pole. Next, it is simple to lengthen the pole thanks to the yellow tabs. Press the foot pedal to make the black pad fit snugly once it is close to the ceiling. One person must set up the confinement poles.

The containment poles are incredibly durable once they are in place. If you’ve been working in the area for several days, you may have pulled back the drop cloth when you needed to enter or exit and changed it occasionally to get to other things in the garage. Nothing has changed at the poles.

Install A Light In Booth

A light fixture within your booth is likely something you’ll want to install. There must be an explosion-proof light in commercial paint booths. Some gases can catch fire when an incandescent light bulb gets hot enough.

You should install an LED light to reduce the chance of sparking. The one that must be screwed into a socket should not be included. Sparks won’t be a problem if you do it that way.


You must attach your blower to one grounded wall and your incoming air filter to the other grounded wall before the built-in spray booth is ready to use. Then you’re ready to go to paint whatever you want! Make sure you clean any sawdust off the piece before taking it into this dust-free area for finishing.

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