7 Warning Indicators You Will Need Foundation Repairs Soon

cracks in concrete wall

There are several household issues that you can sweep under the rug. However, foundation issues should never be ignored. If left untreated, foundation issues can ruin your home. For this reason, it’s important that you identify foundation problems as early as possible to avoid bigger problems that may cost you more.

Remember, the condition of your home is directly affected by the strength of your foundation. Your home’s foundation supports your entire house, and this means that a weakness in the foundation can damage your home. If you suspect that you might have foundation issues, continue reading this article to learn more about the signs you should watch out for.

Poor water drainage

One of the leading causes of foundation problems is poor water drainage. Therefore, you should first inspect for any water drainage issues before you contact a foundation repair specialist. To inspect or check for water drainage issues, regularly check around your house for wet soil (if it hasn’t rained recently) or dry soil (in case it has rained).

You get a “sinking” feeling

Do you feel like one part of your home is lower than the other? Or do you feel like your home’s foundation is sinking? This is a major problem that should be addressed as soon as possible. Even a slight dip can quickly grow into several inches.


If you note cracks inside the sheetrock surfaces, masonry veneer, or both, then you may have issues with your foundation. However, several things cause cracks. Sometimes, a crack will just be a crack. If the crack looks like it was drawn with a pencil, then there’s nothing to worry about. But if the crack widens, you should consult a foundation repair professional immediately.

The patios appear to be pulling away

Because your foundation supports your home, it does the same for your patio. Your patio is designed to be part of your home, but your foundation is most likely to blame if your patio appears to be pulling away for no reason.

Gaps between the ceiling and crown molding

If you suddenly notice a visible gap between the crown molding and your ceiling, you will need foundation repair as soon as possible. This is a sign that your foundation is settling, and it’s unable to carry the weight of your house. Seeking the services of an experienced Pinnacle Foundation Repair professional is critical to prevent the problem from turning more severe.

Cracked chimney

An unleveled, unbalanced, or excessive moisture can eventually cause your chimney to get cracked, broken, or crooked. Although this isn’t something you will notice immediately, if you observe other signs of foundation problems, you can also inspect the chimney to confirm your suspicion.

Warped ceilings and floors

If your floors or ceilings warp up or sag down, it is a sign that your home is settling. This is a major warning indicator of a serious foundation problem, which you have to address as soon as possible.

To maintain your home in tip-top condition, ensure that you make necessary repairs to your home’s foundation immediately you see the above signs. If left uncorrected, the above foundation issues will worsen with time.

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