Types of Tiles for the Bathroom

Types of Tiles for the Bathroom

Everything has to be the best when it comes to the bathroom. If you plan to renovate or build a new bathroom, the most crucial factor is the tiles. If looking for a completely functional bathroom, tiles will make a significant difference. There are different tiles for the bathroom.

People feel bathroom tiles are one of the same. However, there are various types of tiles. Every type has its significance. So, if you are looking for something appealing and fully functional, explore the different types. Different types of tiles for the bathroom will help you decide which is best for your bathrooms.

This blog will enlighten you with different types of tiles for your bathroom. Explore all of them, and decide which of them will suit perfectly for your space.

Types of bathroom Tiles for Bathroom in 2021

Here are some of the most trending bathroom tiles you can try in 2021. I am pretty sure you will get your ideal tile for the bathroom.


Ceramic tiles are made finely grounded. The design and pattern make them completely hard-wearing. One of the most admired features of ceramic tiles is their water resistance. If you want to achieve a seamless look, go for ceramic tiles both on walls and floorings.

As per experts, ceramic tiles have an excellent holding factor. It is advisable to explore different color and design options to enjoy a royal and modern bathroom feel.


Usually, we believe in investing in long-lasting bathroom tiles. For such circumstances, invest in porcelain tiles. They are incredibly water-resistant, robust, and long-lasting. To your complete satisfaction, they don’t easily acknowledge stains or scratches.

You can explore the various range of colors and designs in porcelain. If you want to try something exciting, try playing with the colors to style an effect. You can explore two options in porcelain, matt, and high-gloss.


Some families prefer a wholly natural and functional tone for their bathrooms. Limestone tile for the bathroom is one of those options. Usually, this tiling has a warm shade of brown, beige, or grey. All three shades bring a warm feeling into the bathroom.

Every owner must consider the only point to fit them properly while installing on the walls or floors. They look straightforward and subtle and still maintain the same level of dignity and royalty.


Pebble tiles for the bathroom are considered the best option. Have you ever wondered why? They add beauty, texture, style, and most importantly, a high acceptable grip to your bathroom walls and floorings. Pebble tiles make the perfect tiling options for a theme-styled bathroom.


If you want a strong, subtle, and modern finish, Slate Tiles is your ideal option. Slate is known as one of the most durable and high-gripped tiling options for the bathroom. They are not easily breakable or acknowledged, and cracks and scratches on their body.

You can look for various colors and design options. They are one of the most trending tile options food all kinds of bathrooms.

The Final Thoughts

Your tiles for the bathroom must be stylish, modern, and appealing to people. However, most importantly, it should be functional and easy to access. Every tile must have a good hold on grip, durability, and looks. Every time you cannot afford to restyle or renovate your bathroom tiles. Thus, choose wisely.

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