A Guide to Selling your Home: What you Need to Know

A photo of the house designed with white and gray tiles

If you are planning to relocate and have never before sold real estate, you have come to the right place as we outline the process of putting a property on the market. It might seem a little daunting to find a buyer for your home if this is your first sale, yet after reading this article, things should be a lot clearer.

Getting an accurate valuation

If you find the right website, you can get an online valuation of your property that is very accurate and reflects the market value. Of course, you can ask a few estate agents to value your home, which you can compare with the online valuation and that will help you decide on a sale price.


You will need to decide whether or not to carry out renovations; of course, if you spend money renovating, you might not be able to recoup that investment. If the property needs repairing, this will have to be carried out if you wish to sell, as any buyer would point out defects and request that you make good. Click here to find out how much a realtor earns.

Choosing a real estate agent

Of course, you want the best real estate agent in your team; the usual deal is that the real estate agent takes a commission on the sale, while some agencies do work on a fixed fee basis, which people like as they can plan their finances. When looking at real estate agents, it is a good idea to do some homework on potential real estate agents, information such as:

  • How many days is a property listed until sold. (average)
  • The number of properties sold per month.
  • The average sale price.

If you do carry out some research, you should be able to find the best performing real estate agents and that should lead to a quick sale.

Calculate other costs

There are many expenses when selling your home and relocating; you need to list things like real estate agent commission, property taxes, buying fixtures and fittings for the new home and relocation expenses. Doing this will avoid a nasty surprise when you total up your costs.

Once you connect with a leading real estate agent, you can set the ball rolling and don’t forget to use the free online property valuation tool which you can compare with the real estate valuations.

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