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Who We Are 

Here at Construction How we are a diverse lot of designers, builders and engineers that aids our customers by fulfilling their passion and creativity in furnishing their home. Approved and acclaimed by thousands of virtual clients, what started as a single man’s dream has now reached global recognition.

Our blog continues to be a trusted source of information and creative ideas spread over multiple online platforms. With the rapid development in consumer tastes and needs, paired with the technological advancements of the modern age, Construction How makes available any and all appliances and ideas to renovate your home, while also providing foundational guides to construct a building from scratch.

Where It Began

The sudden spike in Covid-19 cases followed by quarantines were a hindrance to organizations all over the world. However, where the general population saw a problem, Construction How came up with a solution.

As most businesses shifted to remote and online work, we capitalised on that opportunity and expanded our online domain by hiring content writers to revamp and advertise our brand.

What started as a single laptop in the suburbs of Melbourne in 2020 has now spread to a global network connecting our consumers to their homely desires.

The constant need for a quick fix to the neighbours’ various homely problems created an opportunity for us to provide easy and economical solutions. As the service area spread, it allowed us to branch into a variety of technical and non-technical niches while also hiring designers and engineers to come up with elegant and cost-friendly solutions for not just home decor but also constructing garages and bathrooms.

What We Offer

We aim to bring a multi-layered experience for end-users from all walks of life: Looking to spruce up your child’s room? Our Home Décor specialists will provide you with economical yet cutting edge ideas that could also serve as a means of learning for a growing child.

Construction How diversified its portfolio on the website domain to add DIY ideas. This allowed our consumers to spend their time and energy in building creative, economical and family friendly appliances in and around their home. Our DIY ideas range from small projects like painting and gardening, to learning basic technical skills such as plumbing, roofing, masonry and carpentry.

Our Home Decor team specialises in, but is not limited to: dining rooms, basements, garages, living and bedrooms. Furthermore, if you’re planning on renovating your house entirely or are looking to brighten up your living space, you’ll have to look no further than the smart and designer tested ideas available in the articles feasibly accessible on our website.

Construction How now caters to thousands of readers and has added Engineering and Real Estate portfolios into its domain. We look forward to continuing our operations and guiding consumers in adding colour and creativity to their homes, thereby increasing comfort and upgrading the everyday ambience while also adding to their list of partially technical skills.

Editorial Policy

We take pride in having a solemn code of conduct and in keeping our business activities within its bounds. Our editorial policy hence, is documented in the light of industrywide standards to keep our blog ethically and legally upfront. Read more

Our team

Meet the most diverse and highly-qualified lot of individuals, whose collective efforts amass to create this blog to you. Our various specialized teams work tirelessly to bring you the finest, most succinct and factually correct reading material. Read more


Here at Construction How we offer  a multitude of educational and career opportunities to the most competent and motivated individuals. Our several programs, of varied degrees, run throughout the year render jobs, internships and even scholarships. Read more

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