Best Flooring Ideas for a Home With Pets

Best Flooring Ideas for a Home With Pets
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: August 1, 2022
  • Updated On: July 10, 2023

Pets like running, jumping, and scratching on our floors, doors, and even furniture. Declaw seems like a very cruel idea. Why not reconsider your flooring styles?

There are two types of problems that pet owners face when it comes to floors. These are scratching and staining. You cannot choose your favorite floor material with pets around for these reasons.

This article will give you ideas about the best pet-proof floor materials and also the ones you should avoid. The options below will cater to these problems and offer solutions.

Why You Should Have Special Flooring For Pet

Most pets such as cats, dogs or rabbits have long sharp nails on their paws. While running around the house, these nails can scratch and ruin your floors if they’re not made of the right material. Some flooring materials can also make your pets slip, fall or just be uncomfortable while running.

The same type of floor may not work for all types of pets. Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT floors suit most pets. What is LVT flooring? Find out about it below!

15 Paw Proof Flooring Ideas for Your Home

Vinyl Floor

A lot of people may flinch at the idea of vinyl floors. The thought of old cheap buildings with vinyl-wrapped floors pops up in mind. However, these days vinyl floors come in many shapes and prints. Luxury vinyl in the style of wood planks is actually easy on the eyes and the wallet.

Vinyl floor sheets come in three types. They are water and scratch-resistant. You can put them on the floor by yourself and can easily change them if they get ruined.

  • Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile- This is glued down on the floor and contains a tip layer that is water resistant. Don’t ruin your permanent floorboard.
  • Wood Plastic Composite- This contains a hard composite wood inside. It comes with water-resistant pads underneath.
  • Stone Plastic Composite- This type of vinyl sheet is made of a plastic stone composite. Contains water-resistant pads too.

Ceramic Tiles

Tiles may be the best option for flooring if you have pets. These are tough, scratch, and water-resistant. Tiles are very long-lasting as well.

Tiles come in three types. These are ceramic tiles, porcelain, and stone tiles.

So far ceramic and porcelain are best for homes with pets. You can add extra scratch-resistant polish to be extra safe. These also don’t retain any stain or odor and can be easily cleaned.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in many sizes and designs. You can also use them on the walls. However, these can be quite slippery for animals so you should select matte ones or put rugs on the floor.

The only problem you may face with tile floors is the stains on the tile grouts. Stain-resistant polish and frequent cleaning can help. You can also put on a new layer of grout.

Stone Floor Tiles

Stone floors are beautiful and are also pet damage resistant. Stone floors don’t get scratched up easily. However, tiles with rough finishings such as marble or granite can adhere to stains. You should opt for limestone or granite tiles.

Natural stone tiles are not water resistant and need to be chemically sealed. These are not as hard as ceramic. So they still get scratch marks.

Stone tiles come in many colors and designs. They look very classy and can add to your property value. A little upkeep will go a long way with this type of flooring.

Laminated Floor

Laminated floors can be an attractive choice if you want something to mimic the hardwood look. These are also scratch resistant.

However, laminated floors are very slippery and most pet accidents occur on these floors. These are also not absolutely water resistant like tiles and can absorb moisture over time. If your pet is particularly active, then be prepared for loud running noises if you select this type of floor.

Solid Wood

Solid wood or hardwood can be a good option for flooring if you want a stylish look. Hardwood is expensive and beloved by many for a reason. The solid wood plank of a hardwood floor can be polished as many times as you like to remove scratch marks.

Woods are not resistant to heavy moisture. Extensive damage can be done to your floor if spills are not cleared quickly. You can also use a urethane solution to cover up the top layer. This will make it water resistant. Polishes and stains also have water-resisting properties which you can use.

If you want to use a greener version of polish, go with polyurethane. A hardwood floor should be made of tough woods such as oak, hickory, or maple. Avoid softer woods such as pine.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is a great option for a home with pets if you don’t mind fixing the floor after a few years. Engineered woods come in many colors and styles. You can choose the one that fits your taste.

Engineered woods have a hardwood layer on top. Some woods come with a thick enough layer that you can sand down to remove shallow nail scratches.

Engineered woods are not water resistant. This type of flooring is vulnerable to water damage. If spills are not wiped quickly then they can seriously damage the wood and ruin the floor. However, you can increase its water resistance by using a moisture repellent solution.


Carpet floors are suitable for pet rabbits. Rabbits like the feeling of a soft carpet underneath them. Carpets are very soft and can trap heat. So it is also a good option for places with cold climates.

However, carpets are very hard to keep clean if your pet isn’t trained well and has occasional accidents. It can be very hard to rid carpets of stains and bad odor even with strong washing liquids.

However, you can opt for carpets if those are pet approved. Pet-approved carpets are usually moisture-proof, have special underneath, and are made of nonabsorbent material.

Materials like Berber or woven carpets can be unwound easily by playful pets. You should use extra waterproof padding and water-resistant polishes underneath the carpet to make it more moisture proof.

Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are good for pets that have long nails and can make scratches. The grey color of the concrete is also quite chic. You can opt for different colors as well.

Concrete can be hard and cold. You can solve this by using floor heaters and rugs. Make sure the rugs aren’t too expensive because pets can ruin them.

Use a floor finish to cover the concrete. This will prevent it from retaining any moisture. Concrete doesn’t attract furs and hairs so it’s also very easy to clean concrete floors.

Make sure the concrete has proper finishing with acid etching, patching, and grindings. A waterproof solution should be used to make it absolutely moistureproof. This type of floor is very durable and doesn’t need fixing for 10- 12 years.

Cork Floor

Cork floors are new and have a look similar to hardwood floors. These are soundproof and are a good option for apartments. However, these are not absolutely scratch-proof.

Staining and moisture absorption are also an issue with this type of flooring. You should use a surface sealer of good quality on cork floors and trim the nails of your pets.

Bamboo Floor

Bamboo floors are very stylish and look similar to hardwood floors. It is still not very scratched and soundproof. However, it is stain resistant and can be easily cleaned. Bamboo floors are also waterproof.

Refer to the Janka test to know how hard your bamboo floor is. Strand woven bamboo floors are best for homes with pets.

Things to Look Out for

A floor suitable for pets should be very hard and scratch-proof. Matte ceramic tiles are best. Hardwood can be polished and bamboo floors are also very scratch and water resistant.

You should know what kind of material is suitable for your pet. For example, if your pet is prone to running wildly around the home then slippery materials such as lamination should be avoided.

Some materials such as vinyl sheets can trap moisture under them. So if you have little puppies or cats that are prone to the occasional accidents then it’s best to avoid vinyl sheets for floors.

Active pets can make a lot of sounds around the home while running. Pick a soundproof material such as cork to reduce the sound of their nails.


Selecting the right flooring can benefit you in many ways, even if you don’t identify as a pet owner. . A good floor can last for years if taken proper care of. Just be sure of your and your pet’s requirements before purchasing.

Know the materials properly and don’t pick anything that’ll make the pets uncomfortable. Hopefully, this article on the best flooring ideas for a home with pets will help you make the best decision!

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