Building a Home Security System: Where To Place Your Security Cameras

Guide To Place Cameras in a Home For Security System
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: September 15, 2022
  • Updated On: July 10, 2023

When you have chosen to install security cameras, you must ensure that you are building the best home security system possible. This is where Brinks Home comes into play. A high-quality and effective system will ensure you can easily ward off intruders.

Where You Should Place Your Cameras

Ideally, your cameras should be placed in areas considered high traffic. For example, studies have shown that burglars often come in from the following locations.

  • The first floor (either through windows or another avenue)
  • The front door
  • The backdoor

Almost ninety percent of burglaries happen through the front or back door or a first-floor window. It’s rare, but people can try to sneak in through your upstairs balcony or other areas of that nature, but security cameras from Brinks Home would catch them before they could access your house.

Ensure That Your Home Security System Guards Your Front Door

The front door is going to be a thief’s first attempt. Particularly so if they believe you’re not home or that you’re asleep. The entry is also your most important access point. The first step that you should consider is a video doorbell. This will give you a view of your front stoop at all times.

Indoor Cameras Should Be In High Traffic Areas

The main areas of the inside of your house should have security cameras as well. However, you need to make sure they aren’t seen. The kitchen, living room, and each hallway should be the first places you do this. If someone breaks in, they’ll have to pass a hall to get to the bedrooms.

Watch Your Yard

Another place to look out for is your yard. You’ll need to aim the security cameras in the front and back of your home. This will lower the risk of intruders breaking into your shed or back door. It is also good to ensure your loved ones are safe when playing outside.

Watch The First Floor

Because most intruders will break in on the first floor, you’ll want to see every entryway. Indoor and outdoor security cameras should be placed to monitor the windows, side doors, and front and back doors.

If you have a basement, you should observe that area as well. If you have windows that don’t have the main street, you’ll need to oversee these areas because that is where thieves love to enter.

Don’t Forget The Garage

Garages are not usually monitored that well, and because of that, thieves love to try and get into them. One thing that intruders love to do is wait in the garages until you leave or fall asleep. Then they come in and steal your belongings. A good idea for this area is to install a motion sensor, glass break detector, and security camera.

A Home Security System Will Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

To ensure the safety of you and your loved ones, consider a home security system. By watching the areas of your house most likely to get broken into, you can ensure that no one will hurt your family.

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