Can A Light Bulb Start A Fire?

Can A Light Bulb Start A Fire?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 29, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Lights bulbs are everywhere in homes, commercial areas and public places. Indeed, these are the primary lighting source. However, you have to ensure the appropriate working of the light bulbs to keep your place safe from any damage, especially fire.

Unfortunately, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are more prone to fire as compared to LED lights. That’s why you have to take more care in the case of these lights.

If you don’t place the light bulbs such as incandescent properly, they may cause severe fire or damage your property. Poor and unprofessional wiring is the leading cause that leads to bulbs fire.

If the heat processing through the wires to the lights is not according to their requirements, bulbs may overheat and cause a fire. This issue commonly occurs in the case of wire installation inside the walls or ceiling.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot consider the light bulbs for your home or commercial areas. You can surely go for this lighting option, but after complete safety and determination of risk factors.

Moreover, you can also prevent fire chances by following the tips we have covered in this article. So, let’s take a look at each point or deliberation in detail for better considerations.

Overheating May Brittle, The Wiring

Nothing would be a better option than considering the LED lights if you want to keep them turned on 24/7. However, if you are doing this with the light bulb, it may be a little bit riskier for your home.

The reason is that the inside wiring of the bulb may brittle over time, especially if you are keeping it switched on for the whole day or night. The brittle wiring will overheat the complete infrastructure of light that causes a fire in several conditions.

Moreover, if the surpassing of wattage through the bulb’s wires is more than needed, the lights may overheat in no time. Of course, overheating, even in this case, may lead to bulb firing. Therefore, it’s better not to keep the light bulb on unnecessarily.

On the other hand, it will not be an excellent decision to use light bulbs or heat lamps. You can go for the particular kind of heating candles or lights for the lamps instead of using incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs.

Cheap Bulbs

Undoubtedly, it’s not essential to go out of your budget to add a lighting source to your home. But if you consider the light bulbs for this purpose, it’s better not to compromise their quality. The reason is that the low-quality bulbs may run out in less time.

Moreover, the chances of bulb firing and damages are higher in using cheap and low-quality bulbs. Now, It’s up to you to invest higher only once or pay more for losses and fixtures.

Faulty Fixtures

If you are facing the bulb firing issue, again and again, it may be because of faulty or inappropriate fixtures. Moreover, the loose sockets may also damage the light performance because of light flickering.

For this, it’s better to inspect the bulbs thoroughly while buying according to your home sockets and switches. So, you can later fix them effortlessly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, flickering might be dangerous for your complete power system. That’s why it’s better to focus on the minor issues earlier than investing a lot of money and effort in the severe damages. On the other hand, flickering issues may also occur if you fix a low wattage bulb into a higher wattage socket.

For sure, it’s more than enough to get the lighting in your room to install the lower wattage bulbs. Ask the professionals for guidelines and better assistance if you don’t know about the bulb’s wattage or other properties.

Install The Bulb Like A Pro

Whether you are installing the bulb yourself or with the help of a professional, it’s always essential to do it rightly. The reason is that the poor installation is the main and one of the biggest reasons behind the bulb firing.

Moreover, it’s also necessary to buy a high-quality bulb and inspecting it at the time of purchase. So, you can save yourself or wiring from the hazards at the time of installation.

For this, you can also follow the mentioned below points. So, you can install a light bulb like a pro!

  • Use the correct wattage bulbs according to the wattage needed for the lamp and suitable for the wiring.
  • Always go for the tested and high-quality bulbs from the recommended and tested brands instead of relying on low-quality bulbs.
  • Focus on the complete lighting fixture before installing the bulb in your room or any other space.
  • If you are lighting the bulbs from any natural power source, it’s better to keep the bulbs off at the time of charging. Please don’t touch or interact with the bulb immediately after turning it off because of its warm surface.
  • If the light is flickering, it’s better to turn off the bulbs from the fuse board instead of a single button.
  • It’s better to hire an expert or a professional electrician to install the bulb on the ceiling. Additionally, twist the bulb into the mentioned direction at the time of removal from the socket. However, it’s better to use the screwed sockets for practical blub installation.


Above all, it’s a fact that light bulbs can cause and start a fire if you haven’t installed them appropriately. Moreover, it’s better to alter the light bulbs with the LED lights or any other suitable alternative if you want to keep them on the whole night or day.

Unfortunately, bulb firing may also lead to potential damages and risks to your property. Now, it’s up to you to either install the bulbs or go for an ideal alternative. For sure, you can also overcome the firing issue with the time-to-time inspection of sockets, bulb wattage, wiring and any other underlying lighting issues.

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