Does UV Light Kill Bed Bugs?

Does UV Light Kill Bed Bugs?

Even if you are living in a well-maintained and hygienic environment, you cannot deny the presence of bed bugs in your mattresses. Inappropriate Cleaning or maintenance is not the only reason behind the existence of bugs in your beds. There would be many other reasons and facts behind the unnoticeable growth of bed bugs.

Well, our main concern is not about eliminating the bugs but detecting them. Most people use UV lights to detect microbes. Now, the question is that either this method is effective or not. If you are also looking for this question, you will surely get it after reading this post.

Undoubtedly, using UV lights is one of the most effective methods to detect and find bed bugs. Unfortunately, you can detect the microbes in this way but couldn’t kill them. Don’t worry; once you have detected these invisible pests in your beds, it would be super easy to eradicate them.

Ideally, you don’t need to hire a professional to detect the bugs after using this method. In this way, you can surely save some costs for future concerns and maintenance.

Even if it’s super easy to detect the microbes with UV lights, you still have to work on this pattern with appropriate strategies for effective results. Sometimes it’s not easy to find out the bugs because of their invisible structure. At that point, you will surely need the expert’s assistance.

Difference Between UV And Normal Light

No doubt, UV light looks normal like other lights and also reacts in the same patterns. However, the spectrum of UV light is different from other lights. Indeed, this light has more energy because of the higher wavelength and radiations.

Moreover, it appears in different colors, including blue, white, yellow, and green primary colors.

UV lights react physically when interacting with a few substances such as specific kinds of ink, teeth, and a few detergents.

Ideally, the bare eyes can also feel and view the UV light because of higher radiations. You can use this physical reaction for several beneficial purposes, such as clear reflection of banknotes. Doesn’t it sound great? Of course, yes!

The Efficiency Level Of UV Light To Detect Bugs

We all know that UV light is concerned with the sun. That’s why it offers better exposure to things and objects when falling on them. Using this light to detect bugs would be more efficient if you don’t have a lighting system with a higher wavelength in your home.

If you think bed bugs can live only in the beds, you are wrong. They can also grow and hide in the dark corners of your rooms, cracks, and any other area near the bed. Ideally, you can find out the pests in every corner of your room with the help of UV light.

No doubt, you can also view the bugs with human eyes. But it is not easy to find out the bug’s larva and eggs with a regular eye or light. So, you will surely need an effective source to determine all the spots and corners where the bugs can lay the eggs and proliferate.

Once you have noticed the infestation, it’s better to find the primary source and kill them as soon as possible. You can perform this task more efficiently and effortlessly with the help of UV light.

Bug’s Detection Approach Of UV Light

When you put the UV light on the infected bed or area, the infested area will shine differently than usual. If you see any change in the color pattern of UV light, the area must be infested with bugs. Ideally, you can also spot the bugs under the furniture with the same pattern only by putting on the light.

Keep in mind that pests may run away from the targeted area once you have detected them. Therefore, it’s better to put the light at the time of infestation treatment. If it’s not possible for you to handle this situation individually, you can also hire experts for this purpose.

They will help to spray and cover the infected area with high-quality chemicals. Excitingly! You can also check the pests in the cracks more efficiently with UV light than ordinary light.

How To Detect Bugs Efficiently With UV Light?

If you really want to detect the bed bugs effortlessly, you have to flip the side of the mattress immediately after turning on the light. However, the bugs may scatter when you flip the bed. That’s why it’s better to do the flipping before turning on the light. Moreover, you have to prepare your room entirely before setting it to detect bugs.

  • It’s better to move out of the mess from the bed including books, clothes, and other things that can offer the potential space for hiding from the bugs.
  • Close the entrance and exit door of your room before turning the light on. So, the scattered bugs cannot go out. Moreover, fill the wall cracks with sealants. In this way, pests will not hide in the cracks.
  • Move out the mattress from the bed to an empty corner of your room. It’s better to put it on the floor. So, the bugs can come out easily and spread on the flooring.

Even if the bedsheets are fully cleaned, you still need to wash them again with warm water. No doubt, bugs can grow in the surrounding areas of the beds. But bed and mattress are the main places of their comfort and living. Therefore, it’s better to target these areas efficiently than others.

Final Words

In short, it’s a great idea to use UV light to detect bed bugs. You can find out the pests from the bed and the surrounding area of your mattress with this super effective method. Consequently, bed bugs glow under UV light. So, it would be much easier to spot them even in the cracks and under the furniture. However, it’s not a good idea to kill the bed bugs.

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