Can You Paint Over Red Quarry Tiles

Can You Paint Over Red Quarry Tiles
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: March 3, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Quarry tile is shale or clay-based flooring option. Sand glossy, glazed quarry tiles before applying primer and paint, or the priming and paint will peel. Unlike vinyl and ceramic tile, quarry flooring is not suitable for typical latex coatings.

So, in a literal sense, you can paint your floor tiles. However, the results won’t stay as long as you’d like, and painting tile floors could cause maintenance concerns.

The cushioned floor can be loosely set on top of the quarry tiles as long as they are flat, and you can use spray adhesive. Add a layer of self-leveling screed or plywood to the quarry tiles if you wish to adhere to the vinyl fully.

Which Is The Best Paint For Quarry Tiles?

Acrylic floor paint will work on properly prepped quarry tiles, but epoxy paint will be more durable. Using a quality high-adhesion primer to prepare the surface, latex, acrylic latex, and enamel paints will all work well on the ceramic tile.

As needed, apply two to three even applications until full coverage is achieved. You can paint your tile instead of removing and replacing it if you want to change the colors in your room but don’t want to go through the bother of removing and replacing existing tile.

Terra cotta tile is more porous than most tiles because it is fired at low temperatures.

Saltillo tiles are clay terracotta tiles from Mexico that are permeable. You can paint and seal the tiles to give them a colored finish that is just as durable as the original sealed surface if you want a different look for them.

Is It A Safe Option To Paint Tiles?

Most ceramic tiles can be painted as long as they aren’t subjected to water or significant wear regularly. You can paint tiles on a bathroom wall but not on a bathtub or countertop. Before painting, repair any chips, cracks, or other surface damage.

Polishing is the best option to save tiles after painting. Buff the floor once the wax has hardened. All you have to do is damp-mop your sealed and waxed quarry-tile floor once in a while after vacuuming to keep it looking new.

If a luster-dulling layer forms on the mopped floor, re-mop it with water, adding a cup of white vinegar to restore the shine. Quarry tile flooring was formerly the preferred option for kitchen floors, particularly in farmhouses, but many of these floors have subsequently fallen into disrepair or damage.

They can also be seen in various other locations, such as churches and municipal buildings.

How To Clean Painted Quarry Tiles?

The cleaning solutions are suitable for household usage; they will not endanger your family, and we will, of course, always clean up after ourselves. Hire professional cleaners if you have quarry tiles that need restoration, repair, cleaning, or sealing.

Use a cleaner to mop your floor. If your quarry tile is in the kitchen, consider using an enzyme-based, antibacterial cleanser, as these cleansers cut grease and eliminate odors. If your tile floor appears to have a film on it, re-mop it with a solution of white vinegar and clear water.

Steps To Paint Quarry Tiles

Do you really want to paint over your red quarry tiles yourself? If yes, consider the following steps to get desired painting results:

  • Sand quarry tiles using an electric sander
  • Make sure to prime the tiles to maintain the glazed and glossy look of quarry tiles
  • Clean the quarry tiles by washing off using mild soap and a soft plastic brush
  • Make sure to remove all debris and dust for appropriate application of the new coating
  • Use painter’s tape to protect baseboards at the time of painting
  • Use acrylic floor paint to fully cleaned and prime quarry tiles

Remember not to use tiling floor for walking, especially heavy-foot traffic, until the paint has dried completely. Otherwise, footmarks on tiles will disappear the overall shine and glaze of these tiles. You can also use a paint roller instead of a brush to paint the entire quarry tile floor. It would be easier for you to get the job done in this way.


Quarry tiles are mostly found in commercial places, churches and mosques. But people are also now installing these tiles in homes and workspaces. If you also have installed quarry tile floors in your area, you can get guidelines from this post to paint quarry tiles effortlessly.

If you are not comfortable painting quarry tiles yourself, hire professionals to achieve the best results.

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