Hexagon Tiles for Small Spaces: Maximizing Style and Functionality

Hexagon Tiles for Small Spaces
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: September 6, 2023
  • Updated On: May 21, 2024

For small spaces, every inch needs the same good look. Hexagonal tiles are becoming increasingly popular for small spaces, particularly kitchens and bathrooms. These honeycomb tiles can enhance your aesthetic appeal.

This article explores the various ways and household ideas to use hexagon tiles to maximize style and functionality.

Different Purposes for Using Hexagon Tiles

Below are a few other purposes for using hexagon tiles:

Pattern and Colors Choice:

The color and pattern design choices maximize a floor’s functionality and style. When selecting the hexagon tile color, choose light shades like cream, white, coffee, and pastels. These colors reflect natural light, creating a sense of openness. Moreover, it will lend a lively and clean look to your space. However, opt for more vibrant designs if you prefer a bolder appearance.

Optimum Placement and Layout:

Did you know that hexagon tile is favorable for small spaces? Hexagon floor tile can enhance beauty and create an illusion of expanded space. So, a large format is used when making a floor design using hexagon tiles. It will help you visually increase the covered area, although it wouldn’t cover a large area in reality. You may still use smaller tiles to add visuals and texture for backsplashes or walls.

Continuity in Visual Appearance:

It must maintain visual continuity to make your small space look bigger and maintain visual appearance. Try using the same tile design for the whole area. You may use it on the walls or ceiling.

Adds Multifunctional Design Looks:

Hexagon tiles meet both criteria, offering a multifunctional, aesthetically pleasing, and practical design. Try installing hexagon tiles with built-in storage compartments in your kitchen or bathroom and a radiant heating system for visual appeal.

Creating a Focal Point:

Incorporating a focal point into your small space area can make it a focal point of attraction. Consider installing these tiles on a featured floor or wall to create a unique focal point in the small space. For example, create a mosaic or a pattern using contrasting tiles with a different finishing tile for a bold theme. It can serve as a theme anchor, adding personality and depth to your overall design.

Best Small Space Areas To Use Hexagon Tiles

Below are a few best small space areas to use hexagon tiles for creating a visually appealing look and increasing functionality:

Shower Enclosures in Small Bathrooms:

In small bathrooms, a hexagon tile floor can provide a marvelous appearance. They are also ideal for creatively designing functional and stylish shower enclosures in compact bathrooms. The geometric pattern design can add dimensions and depth to the new space to make it look more interesting visually. You may also use the same hexagon tiles on the surrounding walls, floor, or both around the shower enclosure to add a more stunning-looks effect.


You can enhance your bathroom or kitchen with hexagon tile backsplashes. The honeycomb design of these tiles will add a touch of elegance to enhance its looks from a simple wall to an attractive focal point. It’s an excellent choice for small spaces, improving style and functionality without overwhelming the space. However, select colors and designs thoughtfully for the most cohesive and appealing results.

Create an Accent Wall:

Use these hexagon tiles to create your accent wall and make a statement in any small space. Select a wall, possibly the one behind your bed or work desk, and adorn it with hexagon tiles. Again, it will add style and make it a creative focal point for others to fancy.

Small Flooring Areas:

Again, try using hexagon tiles for good results if you have a small flooring space to cover but with a creative and visually appealing look. Their unique shape and design with matching color choices will add an attractive look to that small space and make it look larger. Consider these tiles for areas like the kitchen, bathroom, entryway, hallway, or any passage where style and functionality are paramount.

Tabletops and Countertops:

Countertops and tabletops can also be a great small space to use hexagon tiles to add an appealing look. Try using them on kitchen countertops for a modern and sleek look. You may also use them in an office area or a dining room at home to make tabletops look visually appealing with durability and easy cleaning.


Using hexagon tiles in small places will undoubtedly add a striking and aesthetic look that can help maximize functionality and style. But to achieve that, be careful and choose the right pattern and design with suitable color combinations to enhance the aesthetic appeal effect. By implementing the above strategies, you can quickly become successful in transforming your small spaces with hexagon tiles into functional and stunning areas to utilize each available inch best.

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