Can You Power Wash A Metal Roof

Can You Power Wash A Metal Roof
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: May 10, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Even if a metal roof is pressure washed regularly, it can acquire all kinds of filth and debris. Unfortunately, many tenants and owners cannot afford to hire a professional cleaning service regularly.

Pressure washing a metal roof is possible if you use low pressure and a broader nozzle tip. If you apply too much pressure, the metal roof will be damaged over time, even if it is not visible.

If you decide to pressure wash or clean your metal roof using other ways, consider several things.

Is It Okay To Pressure Wash Metal Roof Yourself?

There’s a reason why so many renters and property owners hire specialists to clean their roofs for the first time. While some DIYers are hesitant to hire someone to work on their home, many readers are wary of climbing the ladder in the first place.

Washing a metal roof is different from cleaning a tile or asphalt roof. Apply light pressure when cleaning metal or use a hot water pressure washer if necessary. Depending on how accessible the roof is and how steep the pitch is, you can simply wash it with detergent.

Safety is always first, but there’s nothing to fear if you follow the instructions attentively. Continue reading to learn how to safely and effectively clean your metal roof.

Know About Your Roof’s Type Before Pressure Cleaning

Depending on the type of coating on your roof’s metal paneling, you will need to follow different techniques. Different materials, such as copper or stainless steel, are also available, but we’re just concerned with protecting the metal’s coating, not the metal itself.

When the coating is protected, the metal is also protected. Please check into metal roof repair if you already have exposed metal on your roof. Moderate to high-pitch metal rooves Instead of stepping on this type of metal roof, spray it with a chemical from a ladder. To walk atop these rooves is simply dangerous.

Collect Your Safety Tools Before Start Cleaning

Getting the right safety equipment is a big part of staying safe while cleaning a metal roof. This comprises a harness and a fall protection system. Even when the roof has been removed and cleaned, it might still be exceedingly slippery, so take precautions.

A ladder is another crucial piece of safety equipment. Metal roofs have special coatings that help to protect them. If you want to avoid scratching and ruining this coating, make sure your ladder stabilizer arms have a soft surface on which to rest.

The main equipment we’ll need for the work is a power washer, although having extra fine-tuned gear is always useful. The first safety tip we have is to ensure we have everything we need before starting the job.

Use A Right Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are costly and are frequently hired by those who cannot afford to own one. Depending on the manufacturer and the intensity, a new pressure washer can cost a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

If you plan on washing your roof manually for many years, you should invest in a power washer. There are two types of pressure washers, including gas-powered and electric-powered. Do not climb on top of a metal roof with a moderate to high pitch to clean it.

This is quite dangerous, and you will have difficulty finding a safe place to stand. The angle or steepness of a roof is defined by its pitch.

Know About The Right Type Of Stain Cleaner

Some projects can be completed with just water and a power washer. Other jobs necessitate detergent and rubbing alcohol to remove years of buildup from the paneling. To figure out what else you’ll need for the project, start by figuring out what you’ll remove from your metal roof.

A good power washer will remove the majority of your common deposits. In most cases, cold water will suffice. Cleaning your metal roof with hot water will remove the most stubborn gunk and grime.

Begin by using a hose or a wand attachment to spray your roof. This will give you a better idea of how hard you’ll have to work to clean the muck and deposits off your roof.

Stand On Ridges While Pressure Cleaning Metal Roof

Feel free to climb on top of a flat metal roof with modest slopes to clean it, but be aware that it can become quite slippery and unsafe to be on top.

Stand on the elevated ridges to avoid slipping and falling while standing on a metal roof. Repeat the cleaning processes once you’re on top of the roof. Mold and mildew thrive in humid environments, and your roof is no exception. These strange little companions are most likely to grow on greenish roofs.

If your home spends most of the day in the shadow, mold, algae, and mildew are more likely to thrive. If you don’t clean your roof, these germs will eat away at the coating and eventually the metal paneling.


Finally, select the appropriate hot pressure washer. It removes algae, mildew, mold, and other dirt quickly and effectively when applied on a flat tip.

Cleaning a metal roof doesn’t require a lot of pressure, and we advise against using more than is necessary to avoid damaging the roof. Hot water is far more effective in breaking up and cleaning filth than cold water.

If you are uncomfortable climbing up on top of your roof to clean it, or if you do not believe you have enough time to clean it even though it is necessary, you may contact a professional roof cleaning. They have the instruments to clean practically any sort of roof and safety equipment that you may find difficult to locate on your own.

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