Everything You Need To Know About Curved LED Strip Lights

Everything You Need To Know About Curved LED Strip Lights
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 5, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

LED strip lights that are flexible or curvy are becoming increasingly popular as lighting options for homes and other buildings. It is becoming increasingly imaginative and practical as a home interior design method.

Customers may add excellent illumination to their homes and workplaces by using strip lights, also known as LED Tape or Ribbon. Single color and color morphing strips are the two primary types of strips for generating aesthetically pleasing and lifelike lighting in the home.

There are many locations where LED strip lights are used, including billboards, signage, amusement parks, and automobile decorations. Some wine cabinets and outline signs are illuminated and ornamented with LED strips.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Curved LED Strip Lights

Before choosing LED Strips for your home, you must consider a few key things. You must consider the item’s size, color, IP rating, the pattern of LEDs, and holding capacity. You need to pay close attention to the size and type of the LED above anything else.

Strips often have extremely little retaining capacity. Heavy strip lights are for industrial usage; if you want to purchase LED strips for your home, avoid choosing them.

When selecting the best strip for your needs, IP rating is crucial. If you want to put strip lights outdoors in damp areas, you must have partially or completely waterproof products.

Compared to many traditional lights, LED strip lights to have several advantages. It produces lighter while using less electricity, just like conventional LED lights. Compared to conventional lighting solutions, producing more lights typically consumes more energy.

It can produce warm white, cold white, and a variety of other whites, thanks to the various color options. Compared to regular bulbs, it lasts longer.

Curved LED Strip Lights Are Bendable In Different Shades

The soft light bar can be bent into many forms and mixed LED lights of different hues, creating a highly pleasing visual effect. The color of the illumination effect is adjustable, and it may dim and choose other effects, like monochrome or RGB.

Thus, color can be added to the decorative environment. The soft substance is flexible and may be bent and curled like a wire. It may also be shortened or lengthened. Making images and text is incredibly easy and practical.

The flexible plastic that covers the LED tape and circuit has fewer safety issues like weather resistance and cracking, which extends the service life.

LED Strip Lights Are Adaptable

A strip light may be adjusted more easily than regular light bulbs. Also quite long and narrow, these bulbs. They are simpler to put up than conventional lights, making them suitable for use below kitchen cabinets and numerous other locations.

It can be installed more easily because of the self-adhesive backing. Because these lights produce less heat than standard lighting bulbs, they are much safer. Flexible or curved LED strips make excellent lighting options for many different applications. These may be cut to the right length, making them a very practical lighting choice.

LED strip lighting can resolve all your problems if you consider lighting for bookshelves and display shelves. It can be utilized to cast a warm glow over each area.

Cut LED Strip Lights In Whatever Size You Want!

Cut the strip lights to the desired length using the convenient tiny markers that come with them. So, if you have a five-meter strip but only need four, you can cut it to the appropriate length. The leftover meter can be utilized elsewhere in your house and won’t be wasted.

Additionally, connecting various lengths of strip tape is relatively simple. Using solderless strip light connectors is the best approach in this situation. You must make sure that the strip connector you use is the appropriate size for the size of the strip you are utilizing. Then you clip it close after inserting the strip’s two ends into the connector. Just keep in mind not to go over a total of five meters.

How To Fix Flickering LED Strip Lights?

Your power source may be the reason for the flickering in your LED strip lights. Since AC power supplies make up most of the mains’ electricity, LEDs need a DC power source. You can get around this using a high-quality LED driver, and the driver’s total wattage must equal the total wattage of the strip tape it is powering.

LED strip lights can also be a cause of flickering. The ideal length for each light strip should be five meters or less. By doing this, flickering or dimming of the lights is avoided because sufficient power is supplied over the whole length of the strip.

Bottom Line

Above all, LED light strips with curves are excellent for illuminating curved crevices and spaces. Lighting curved and separate niches are simple with strips. Your bar can be lit with subdued LED strip lights or color-changing strips. You can use LED strip lighting to light up work or desk areas because it is simple to install.

As long as you bend regular, non-waterproof LED strip tape at the cut line, you can bend it around curves. Alternatively, you can break the LED strip light into separate pieces and attach them with a wire to transport the power supply to more difficult angles.

This approach, nevertheless, appears useless. LED strip lights that are waterproof cannot be bent. This is due to the waterproof silicone coating on them. The layer of waterproof silicone makes the lights not flexible enough to bend around a corner.

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