Is It Worth Buying Low Profile Led Strip Lights

Is It Worth Buying Low Profile Led Strip Lights
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 5, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

For interior lighting in homes and businesses, LED light strips are growing in popularity. LEDs are vastly superior to conventional incandescent and halogen lights in that they utilize minimal electricity and are simple to control and program. At first, purchasing LED strip lights would seem to be a rather simple process.

To guarantee that they acquire the proper lights to meet their needs, customers must, in reality, take into account a wide range of distinct aspects. Outsiders still find the lighting sector to be extremely perplexing.

This post provides a lighter explanation of the subject. You will be able to decide whether LED strip lighting is the most appropriate choice for your project after reading this article.

What Are LED Strip Lights? An Overview

An effective lighting solution, LED strips can be produced in a variety of sizes and shapes thanks to a ribbon that collects them. Due to some of their manufacturing’s subpar quality at the start of its commercialization, LED strips gained a bad reputation.

However, new production techniques have emerged in recent years, making LED strips necessary for all indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Because of their properties, they may be mounted in a wide range of locations and tailored to fit different surfaces and shapes, especially to illuminate any linear element.

LED strip lights are, as the name suggests, long strips of tape with several lighting LED chips. LED strip lights may be easily customized and come in various lengths and widths. They are also small enough to be installed in areas where normal accent lights would be problematic to utilize.

Benefits Of LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights, like all other LED goods, are incredibly energy-efficient. However, their usage as accent lights is constrained by their lack of brightness. Additionally, many different colors are available for LED strip lights, and some even have advanced functions like the capacity to change colors.

A few LED strips are also created for particular uses, like bias lighting and outdoor illumination. You can use wired, or plug-and-play LED strip lights when mounting them. Depending on how you intend to utilize your lights, each kind of LED strip offers advantages and disadvantages.

Easy To Install

LED strips range in power from very low to very high, are simple to install, and have a low energy usage. Today’s size distances have also shrunk to the point where they are quite flexible, making it possible to constantly find a solution to accommodate the demands of each project.

Today, it is feasible to provide light to nooks and crannies that would not otherwise be illuminated, thanks to their utilization and the variety of formats. Thus, when illumination is needed, both for general and indirect lighting and accent and signpost lighting, LED strips are used.

Illuminate Your Workspace

They are utilized for much more than only creating decorative effects, even lighting up workstations, even though they are incredibly helpful. Additionally, as LED strips have advanced, an increasing selection of aluminum profiles for an endless number of applications, together with diffusers or lenses, has also been made available.

This broadens the applications for LED strips even further. At the moment, LED strips can be connected via various technologies, such as WIFI, Bluetooth, and the incorporation of sensors, and can be dimmed using nearly any control protocol already in use.

Energy Efficient Option

In comparison to all other lighting sources, LEDs are very energy-efficient. They only need a small fraction of the energy a conventional light bulb with a similar brightness would. This has the potential to and does result in significant electricity bill savings and a quick return on your original investment.

Long Span

The predicted lifetime of LEDs is incredibly long compared to both incandescent and fluorescent lights. LED strip lights have an average life expectancy, so they will continue to shine brightly long after their conventional counterparts have stopped working.

It’s crucial to protect the longevity of strip lights. Their longevity can be increased by installing them with the aluminum LED profiles, which also serve as a heat-dissipating sink.

Things To Consider Before Buying Low Profile LED Strip Lights

When intending to buy LED strip lights, the first thing you’ll need to think about is how you’ll use them specifically. This will heavily influence your choice of the LED strip light.

Brightness Level

Due to tremendous advancements in LED technology over the past few years, the small light-emitting diodes can now emit much brighter light than in the past. You might not even require especially bright light for some purposes, like accent lighting.

Contrary to popular assumption, lumens are used to assess light brightness rather than watts. You must therefore consider the lumen output of each type of LED strip light.

Color Choice

The color or range of colors you need for your installation comes immediately after learning how many lumens each length of LED strip light has. They come in a wide range of varieties, so you may choose the one that best satisfies your individual lighting needs. Two voltages are available for single-color light strips.

Bottom Line

The adaptability and diversity of LED strip lights open the door to a wide range of lighting alternatives, from adding a vibrant pop of color to your bed or closet to establishing a calm atmosphere in your living room or study.

Although the price of LED strip lights can vary widely, the quality also tends to be priced accordingly. A little bit of money should always be spent on high-quality lighting if you intend to use them daily and keep them for many years.

LED strips are a fantastic and adaptable lighting solution, but we notice that when it comes to stronger light, modifying lengths, angles, and colors, LED strips give you far more freedom to set the vision of your projects according to your needs.

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