Decluttering Hacks to Make Your House Look Neat before the summers

Summers are incredibly stifling. It is hot, you’re sweating, and you don’t want to do any physical labor that needs you to go outside a lot! And if one of the tasks on your plan is to clean your house, we suggest you get to it before summer.

House cleaning, especially the process of decluttering, is extensive. You need to go through all the household items you have, from clothing to decor, and decide what you want to keep. Often the most crowded spaces are our storage and garage.

They are also the least pleasant places to be during summer, but decluttering doesn’t have to be tiring. With a few hacks here and there, you will have no trouble tidying up your space. After all, the goal is to work smarter, not harder. Here’s how you can sweep your clutter under the rug and prepare for summer:

Reorganize Your Drawers

It is always an embarrassing site to open drawers and see a clutter of things inside. The drawers are incredibly nifty and can keep your essential items safe and organize them for you. It would help if you utilized your drawers for more than only trinkets.

Why not dedicate a whole drawer for your electronic gadgets and their wires. If you have a chest in your room, use it for clothing. Don’t leave things lying around. You need to ensure you’re putting them in place properly. Besides, going through your drawers also gives you an idea of having items you don’t need.

Move Items into Storage

If you happen to live in Plano, North Texas, you know the summers hold the promise of hot weather and can get muggy, and not all your possessions can withstand the heat. Googling self storage Plano TX can get an idea of suitable storage facilities.

Most storage facilities today come with climate control. It means that when you put your items away, you can control the temperature of the storage. It is essential because many items such as leather bags and clothing don’t thrive well in hot temperatures. You don’t want to end up with your things getting damaged.

Discard Old Appliances

Kitchens can be a significant source of clutter. While appliances make life easier and save you from manual labor, you don’t need all of them. They are compact and multifunctional appliances available that can easily squeeze into your cabinets and snuggly fit on your counter.

As reliable as your handy coffee maker is, if it looks rusted, noisy, and is taking much of your counter space, why not get rid of it. However, if space empties up, that doesn’t mean you should start filling it with new items. Try keeping only things you need in your kitchen.

Get Donating

Having an extensive collection of clothes, toys, and shoes is not a problem. But, they can quickly become one when you don’t know how to organize them. If you’re a shopaholic, you need to learn the art of donating before bringing something new in. When we don’t take our closet space into account, we end up with way too many clothes than our closet can handle.

A neat trick can help you ensure that you take care of older ones when buying clothes. Decluttering your closet is also an excellent way to keep your summer wear away from your winter clothing. Another quick tip is to estimate your summers to winters. If you have longer summers than winters, you don’t need that many clothes for winter.

Minimize Carpets

As much as we like our soft carpeted floors, consider getting rid of them or keeping only a few. Carpets can trap heat, and depending on how luxurious the rugs are in your house. They can make the space look clutter and add to it. You may also find it a significant hassle to vacuum them too, especially in the summers.

Therefore, look into rugs that are for both seasons, make sure they’re in a manageable size. Consider getting hardwood floors or tiles to go around your house. Not only is it easier to clean, but it is also suitable for the summer.

Set Reminders

As you declutter your house, you may get overwhelmed. When there are massive heaps of material items to go through, you may forget to go through some items. When you have reminders in place, you know what you need to tackle and when.

It is also a much more organized method to approach your decluttering. Unless you have a plan, you may end up making a more incredible mess than the one you started with. Reminders also tell you what area of the house you need to tackle on what day. If you work on a timeline, you will ensure your house is nice and clean.

Store Items in Accessible Areas

Storing your items away also means you need to know where you’re keeping them. It wouldn’t make sense that you store your items far away in the garage where you can’t find them.

Things that you need to use daily such as cleaning products where you can reach them. If you keep items in areas where you can’t get them, you’ll end up creating a bigger mess to reach them. It means all your hard work would waste, and you may have to start from square one.

Repurpose Shelves

Shelves are a great piece of furniture. They can hold different items from plants to pictures. You can use shelves such as wine racks to store your children’s toys. You can even use shelves to keep decoration pieces instead of scattering them around the house.

Decluttering is not just about getting rid of items it is also about clearing the space around you. So might as well utilize every piece of furniture you have around the house to keep your space clean.

Track Your Source of Clutter

It is essential to take note of your inventory. You need to know where the clutter is coming from and why. Are you purchasing too many clothes, or are you not putting away your products fast enough? When you know why your house is always cluttered, you need to curb it.

Maybe you’re collecting magazines more than you need, and instead of recycling them, you’re keeping them. Tracking the source is essential because no matter how much you clean, you take care of your old habits. They’ll keep coming back in the form of clutter.

Wrap Up

Decluttering your house is a thorough process. You need to eliminate the messes around your home and ensure you’re not filling empty spaces with new products. Summers are hot, and the last thing you want is to keep your cleaning till summer.

However, unless you have a plan, you won’t do much, and your house will still look messy. Therefore help yourself by setting reminders and work your way gradually through your home. Make sure all precious items end up in storage. The result of your efforts will be a clean and pleasant space all ready for winter.

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