Do It Yourself Driveway Sealer Vs Professional

Do It Yourself Driveway Sealer Vs Professional
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: September 15, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

When faced with the constant battle of a worn-out-looking driveway, homeowners may consider whether purchasing the necessary tools and supplies to make the repairs themselves would be a better option.

Both solutions would necessitate substantial investments, and most households cannot afford to make the incorrect choice. A method called driveway sealing can help guard against aging and discoloration on your driveway.

Preserving it from the weather is a crucial task that needs to be carried out regularly. A longer amount of time makes the driveway appear newer with sealing. The two major methods for sealing a driveway are DIY and hiring a professional; each has advantages and disadvantages.

Is It Essential To Seal Your Driveway?

The response is a hearty “yes!” even though sealing may not be everyone’s preferred method. Many individuals search online to find a nearby contractor that will handle the task for them when they need their driveway and any surface defects fixed.

But there’s no reason why they can’t achieve their goals if they use the proper driveway sealing tools and a sound approach. Whether you seal your driveway yourself or hire a professional, ensure that it will have a smooth surface and last a very long time. Remember, though, that there are additional advantages if you choose to do it yourself.

Advantages Of DIY Driveway Sealing

Save Time And Money

DIY driveway sealing is typically less expensive than getting a professional to perform it. You can save much money by doing it yourself because no labor charges are involved.

Compared to professional sealing services, which frequently take longer and necessitate more visits from the contractor, DIY driveway sealing saves you a substantial amount of time because most individuals can finish the project in only one day.

Though you must perform it periodically, seal coating jobs are typically less time-intensive. Furthermore, it is a task that can only be completed in favorable weather. You can wait much longer than necessary if you wait for a contractor to arrive in the sun.

You can save money installing quality seal coating and driveway crack sealing equipment. You’ll discover that driveway upkeep may be inexpensive with a good DIY seal coat sprayer and crack sealant.

Achieve Long-Lasting Finish

When you decide to seal your own asphalt driveway, you shouldn’t be concerned about sacrificing quality. With their asphalt repair materials, professionals can provide a seamless, long-lasting finish, but anyone can.

Your driveway will always seem brand-new by using a fairly straightforward technique and any instructions provided with your equipment. But you’ll need to spend money on goods that guarantee a flawless result.

Easy To Maintain

In the future, maintenance will be simpler, thanks to driveway sealing. The good news is that you don’t need to hire a professional to reseal your driveway if any damage does occur or if you need to do so at some point in the future.

It’s crucial to consider all the necessary preparation work when deciding whether or not to seal your driveway. Crack prefilling, and area cleaning are both crucial steps.

Why Shouldn’t You DIY Seal The Driveway?

It doesn’t last as long as expert services are the main drawback of DIY driveway sealing. Also, less effective than professional sealants are DIY versions. As a result, there may be some gaps in your driveway’s weather protection, which could result in damage over time.

It can be challenging to perform on your own, but uniformly applying a sealant is crucial for ensuring your driveway is adequately protected. The process will be ineffective if you don’t complete the task correctly.

Advantages Of Professional Driveway Sealing

You should employ a professional for this task unless you have DIY experience beyond the novice level. Poor artistry increases the likelihood of future repairs and corrective measures being required during installation, which can add to expenses and inconvenience.

Any expert’s primary concern will be prepared. They can pre-treat any stains and ensure the driveway is clean and ready for application. A driveway must be thoroughly sealed, which takes much time.

The sealant must first be applied, let to cure, and then reapplied. This process takes time. The entire procedure can take a few days, depending on how large the driveway is. To give you more time to do other things, hire a professional.

On our homepage or by completing the form on this page, you may use our free search option to discover a professional. If a professional seals your driveway, that business is responsible for any problems or damage.

Why Shouldn’t You Hire A Professional For Driveway Sealing?

High Cost

A professional seal coater can be extremely pricey to hire, especially if they bill by the hour. The price will vary depending on the size of the area that requires sealing and whether or not they provide any more services, such as a crack filling or pressure washing.

You might have to travel a bit to find a reputable seal coating contractor because they aren’t available everywhere. It may also need more of your time, raising the project’s final cost.


When it comes to sealing your driveway, both options have benefits and drawbacks. However, deciding which one is best for you ultimately depends on several factors, including the state of your existing surface and the available time.

Finally, you would be far better off visiting a professional unless you feel confident making basic repairs as part of your routine. To help you plan and determine whether you can afford it, some businesses will provide you the chance to estimate the cost on their websites.

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