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  • Posted On: September 5, 2023
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Douse showers, which can also be called drench showers, came into role as a shower help which can help to protect the workplace during emergencies also in Finnish known as   “hätäsuihkut — why you should consider them,how to set them up, how to maintain them.

What are drench showers?

The drench showers are prepared to eliminate the threat posed by hazardous substances. 

The Drench hoses are able to provide a targeted drench water which is focused on exactly where it is required also the 

The drench hoses can prove to be the best practical solution to provide fast as well as targeted water which can help to wash any hazardous material from any injured workers who cannot reach another safety drench shower on its own. 

Types of drench shower 

Drench showers are mainly divided into four categories: ceiling mounted, wall mounted, floor mounted, and combination units. 

All of these types have their own benefits, so they all have their own use and places to be used or installed.

Ceiling mounted drench showers

These types of showers are specifically designed to be mounted from the ceiling which can easily give you access to locate them wherever you want or near to the dangerous zones of the workplace easily and this also provides flexibility for the same cause. 

Wall mounted drench showers

These types of drench showers are well fitted horizontally to a wall. The flexibility factor of these drench shower are not much as of the wall mounted but they are easy to get installed. As these wall mounted drench showers are placed wisely that they are accessible to anyone within a ten second of walk. This factor makes them the best secured drench shower to use in small workplace.

Floor mounted drench showers

Floor mounted drench showers or freestanding showers are specifically designed to be mounted into the floor surface of your workspace. With this feature these drench showers allow themselves to be fit anywhere around the workplace which gives the ability to get easy access to the safety material when it comes to hazardous situations.

Combination showers

These are the types of showers which comprises mainly both safety as well as an eyewash station. It is difficult to use the drench shower to wash off your eyes when it is affected by any hazardous solution. You should make sure that the water supplies should be of appropriate pressure so it doesn’t harm your eyes.

This is where the combination shower works. You can choose this shower if you want to have a lower pressure as compared to the drench shower. This type of shower is usually economical than any other. 

Safety shower materials

There are many Drench showers which are constructed from the combination of mainly four types of materials present in the market. These materials helps the drench shower to provide safety as well as flexibility. These four materials are: galvanised steel, stainless steel, ABS plastic and chrome-plated brass.

Galvanised steel is known for its rigidness and the property of being anti corrosive means this type of steel does not get corroded when it comes with contact with air or water.  This type of steel is mainly used for the manufacture of the pipework and there are many drench showers, like freestanding safety showers. 

Whereas the Stainless steel acts same as the galvanised steel but it also provides more strength. Due to the high cost of this steel it is difficult to use this material in every material. 

The ABS plastic can easily be formed into many different shapes which provides flexibility to the material.

The last material which is the  Chrome-plated brass can be used to make components like ball valves, which can contribute to its strength and durability of the product.

Significance of drench showers

You can use a combination shower or the drench shower instead of a drench hose. But you should also be aware of the fact that a drench hose should not be used as the drench shower due to the less area covered by the shower. It can be difficult for a drench hose to cover the damage caused by any fatal situation. 

The drench showers are useful when it comes to cleaning the hazardous material as well as taking care of the injured person. Anyone can reach this drench shower and easily help the victim to not get badly injured.

The drench showers are an important aspect of any place where there is a chance of getting fire or any hazardous situation . These mini devices perform so well under critical situations and contribute to save and cause minimum damage to the property during an accident.

The time taken by the drench shower is so low that it reacts when the temperature rises in the room. These gadgets can be a great investment for you and they require less maintenance.

Spot your place: Careful installation of drench showers 

Before installing them the very first step is to choose a place wisely during any mishaps they will be reacting first. 

The drench showers can be found out as eye showers as they are discussed in the Swedish article Vad är nödduschar“.

Be aware of the correct temperature and right adjustment of humidity so that the source of error is reduced.

Also first check the quality and the spread of the showers after they get installed so you don’t have to worry about any mishaps when they will have the capability to ensure minimal damage.

How to maintain the douse showers

You can maintain the douse shower by clearing them from time to time and maintaining a proper distance and service of the equipment regularly. In case of any blockage you can clear the cloggings avoid any damage to the douse shower.

Performing weekly and annual inspections of the drench showers will also help to avoid sedimentation or any contamination which can be stored near the head of the drench shower. This sedimentation can stop working of the drench shower in case of any emergency.

You can check these drench showers with regular intervals of time. Along with this drench showers should be inspected properly and recertified every year this will ensure conformance with the ANSI’s design specifications.

Ensure that all stations are easily accessible by doing this you can minimise the time in times of emergency when drench shower is easily accessible you can easily perform required actions. 

There should be atleast a 16-inch radius from the head of the shower which should also be completely clear from any obstructions. 

There are many instances where this space is being compromised as storage. While you can avoid this mistake by easily placing a mark using tape or market at the end of the head of the shower to maintain a clear area.

You should not have the same emergency door as the drench shower is placed there should be a proper distance between these two.


Drench showers can prove to be an important piece of equipment when there are hazardous liquids flowing. They are more than security gadgets; they can protect you from different threats and act as a commitment of insurance. 

Through careful establishment, given upkeep schedules, and a steadfast obligation to representative mindfulness.

Frequently asked question 

Q: can drench showers protect you from chemicals? 

A: Drench showers are your best defence against acids, caustics, and more harmful substances. But keep in mind that when they face enemies who react quickly, they may retreat from the battlefield.

Q: Do drench showers available in various flavours?

There are wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and portable drench showers to choose from. You can choose your flavour in light of your office’s novel taste.

Q: Which  guidelines should be followed for the drench shower?

In the U.S., laws like ANSI Z358.1 are the puppet masters behind the scenes. They call the shots, guaranteeing drench showers follow the content for establishment, support, and execution.

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