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  • Posted On: September 6, 2023
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The most important equipment of drench hoses, drench showers, and fountains, which can prove to be the best investment of yours and brings sophistication and utility to outdoor settings. drench showers, commonly known as emergency showers or  “hätäsuihkut”  in Finnish, 

Fountains: The décor for your garden

The deployment of commercial fountains can easily elevate the atmosphere of the surroundings as well as help you to get an attractive atmosphere around it. You should be aware of the fountain choices there are many types of commercial fountains present which can be used as these different types 

1. Ornamentation.

The commercial fountains are mainly used to decorate the environment and to provide a luxurious as well as an attractive space. If you want to invest in a fountain which will effectively attract more viewers and can prove to be the best investment you can make. Even from these decor fountains you can easily maximise the use of it by availing the water to the fountain at any point of the day. 

2. Subtlety.

You can also use commercial fountains to have a subliminal atmosphere around you. If you place a fountain in an office it will become more pleasant and comfortable to work for the employees because of the sound of water. 

3. Practicality.

These commercial showers can also be a specific kind of shower which can manage runoff; they can also be beautiful and yet perform a designed task. 

The fountains can prove to be a proper essence of any place you are able to attract guests and promote a healthy workplace by just applying a proper luxurious fountain in the middle of your lawn.

Drench showers: an investment for your lawn

Drench showers are the ideal equipment for any industry since they give a superb cut of nature’s embrace and have a relaxing break from the regular routine.  

They prove to be an investment for you as they can provide an alternative for water sprinkle. And the equipment requires limited maintenance. 

In other terms the safety shower can be used as the decontamination purpose or as a form of emergency aid. In case of any hazardous situation the showers may flush out on the persons or the objects body or clothes immediately.

For example if any corrosive or strong chemical acids with low ph level attach to a cloth or human. The material will start reacting with the  body. It is important to take any necessary precautions as it may react to the body within a few seconds if you delay the treatment at a shower station this can result in serious or permanent injury.

Workplaces where there are use of hazardous substances everyday. They are also advised to take care of all the pre requisite safety of themselves like wearinh PPE kit and maintain a shower or drench showers in the work environment so in case of any emergency it should not be much harmful.

Also a drench shower is not able to focus on any specific area of the object or body thus it may or may not get to the proper area of the chemical spread. But you can easily washaway the whole chemical from your body easily by using the same drench shower.

In case of any emergency where a lab worker needs to use the drench shower they should be able to first call 911 and ask for medical assistance from it. Also by  alerting people around can help the lab worker to absorb and overtake the situation easily. The first few steps you should take as soon as you get chemicals on: 

You should Remove any contaminated clothing in order to prevent permanent contact on the skin

You can also use drench shower for continuous 15 minutes or more over the skin area where it got chemical

Additionally, find out about eye showers, particularly around eyewashes, as discussed in the Swedish article “ögonduschar i fokus”.

Drench hoses: your surroundings favorite

Drench hoses are an adaptable partner that can adjust to your requirements. This drench hose can prove to be a gamechanger for you and can enhance your ground and helps you to maintain it throughout the seasons.

The drench hose can prove to be the best investment you can make for your work environment and safety. The drench hose target a particular area of the body. For example if you have chemicals over your palm or even on fingers you can easily enable this drench hose and save yourself from any lifelong injury.

The drench hoses come in various designs but the popular one is the one where it is wall mounted. Drench hoses are used primarily to use them in case of any emergency where the hazardous chemical is spread over a specific body part. 

The drench hoses are not able to spread much water at a time they can target a specific area in a particular time.There are many laboratories where they have a single drench hose attachment which is connected to the lab sink. Usually these are not applicable to be used as a drench hose yet they can be used as any other safety material whenever there will be an emergency. 


Fountains, drench showers, and drench hoses rise to prominence as we enter the realm of outdoor equipment. 

These special equipment will prove to be an appeal to water and organize a transformation of your outdoors spaces into a show-stopper with a natural environment.

Thus it is very crucial to have a proper knowledge about these equipment as well as to be aware of how you can use it in case of any emergency. 

Every laboratory should have drench hoses and drench showers to prevent any fatal injury in times of any hazardous accident or situation.  

Frequently asked questions

Q1: what is a drench hose? 

Drench hoses provide a targeted emergency where the water is directed towards and the speed of the water is focused exactly where it is required.

The drench hoses are the perfect solution to provide fast, targeted water, ideal for rinsing off injured workers who cannot reach another safety eyewash or emergency shower.

Q2: what are safety showers? Where can we use them?

Emergency showers, which are famously known as drench showers can be seen being  used in hazardous working environments like laboratories, factories and chemical plants. These safety showers are typically designed to drench the user’s head and body with water in case of any emergency situations.

 If any person has come in contact with any hazardous chemical during the lab.  They can use these drench showers to prevent a permanent injury. Also if the drench showers are used wisely it can easily prevent burns, scarring, serious injury to the person. 

Q2: What is the difference between drench hoses and drench showers?

Both have a delicate sprinkle. drench hoses do the engaged splashing thing, while drench showers give you the full water.

Q3: which are the guidelines for drench showers?

There are rules and guides like ANSI Z358.1-2014 that spread out how to keep these hoses shipshape. They are similar to your reliable road maps for keeping things safe and free of splashes.

Q4: Do fountains serve a purpose other than aesthetic appeal?

Fountains aren’t only there for aesthetics but they are capable of performing water magic. They can assist in agitating the water in a pond, adding oxygen to it, and even reducing background noise in a noisy area.

Q5. What are drench showers used for?

In case of any emergency where a person get exposed to any of the heavy corrosive or harmful materials then it can be used as an emergency shower or drench shower and helps the person to remove the harmful material from the surface. 

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