Essential Tips for Safely Managing and Maintaining Your AirBNB Property

AirBNB Property
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: September 17, 2022
  • Updated On: September 17, 2022

Being an airbnb host can be a great way to make extra cash and grow a prosperous business, however managing your Airbnb property involves paying attention to the small stuff, knowing what your guests need, and lots of hard work.

This article provides all the info you need for maintaining your own Airbnb property. Learn the techniques and products that make managing your rental simple and easy.

Clean and maintain the property

It’s essential to keep the property clean for a pleasant guest experience. A neat and tidy home is inviting. Clean thoroughly before each guest arrives. Tasks include vacuuming rugs/carpets and cleaning furniture. If you have a pet, do extra cleaning and deodorizing.

Check all appliances are working properly. Provide maintenance info in printed form and digitally. Do any repairs needed before more customers arrive. Stock basic supplies like toilet paper and soap for a better experience.

Safety and Security

Safety is key when managing your air bnb property. To ensure safety for renters, there are some important steps to take. Good vetting, security cameras, clear rules and policies, and good locks are all essential.

Let’s check out each element in detail.

Implement safety and security measures

It’s important to consider safety & security for your Airbnb property. When setting up, make sure to install/replace items like a strong lock with a code, intercom system, surveillance/security cameras in common areas, strong window locks, smoke detectors in bedrooms, surge protectors for electrical equipment, and fire extinguishers (as required by law).

It’s also recommended to deep clean twice a year or before each guest. Panic buttons can be placed for emergency situations or when guests feel unsafe. Check with your local authority for any additional required devices.

Ensure compliance with local regulations

Managing a short-term rental? You must comply with local regulations. Research relevant ones before listing. E.g. get a Transient Occupancy Tax certificate if renting out for less than 30 days. Register with your municipality and pay taxes & fees quarterly. Licenses may include a Residential Rental Business license, Fire Permit/Inspection Certificate and other related permits or licenses.

Safety restrictions like smoke detectors, exit signs and fire extinguishers may be required. Plus, you’ll need insurance policies such as general liability and errors & omissions. Get informed of these policies before letting guests stay.

Provide a secure payment system

A secure payment system is vital for a successful AirBnB property. It should be quick and easy for guests to pay, as well as protect against fraudulent activity.

There are several ways to set up a secure payment system. Firstly, major hospitality companies offer merchant accounts for independent AirBnB hosts. These allow card payments to be processed securely, without the need for extra hardware or software.

Additionally, 3rd-party providers such as RoomMaster or eCommerce Systems International offer payment systems which can link with online booking engines like Reservation Plus.

It’s important to follow security best practices such as PCI DSS compliance and regulations on data storage. Check the programs your provider offers before setting up an account.

Keep tickets, invoices and receipts of all transactions. Consult professionals such as CPA’s or bookkeepers if needed. Issue refunds quickly and efficiently if problems arise – customer satisfaction comes first!

Provide helpful amenities

Providing helpful amenities to your guests is key for a great experience. This will not only make them feel taken care of, but also help with repeat bookings and increase income. Amenities vary from basic utilities like internet and aircon to hospitality-style items like linens and toiletries.

Basic Utilities: Depending on the size of the property, essentials like heating/cooling systems, hot water heater, electricity, plumbing, locks and security systems should be inspected regularly. Plus, provide a secure wifi connection as many guests rely on it.

Hospitality Amenities: Make sure your guests are comfortable by providing items such as pillows/blankets, hair dryer/straightener, toiletries, dishware for cooking/microwaving.

Add-on Services: Eco-friendly services like laundry drop-off, plus local foods/products or experiences can be offered. Adopting green energy is also a great way to show support for cost-effective, sustainable living practices.

Remember that different properties require different amenities – every detail counts!

These are the basic of safely and effectively managing an AirBNB property. If it sounds like too much for you to handle on your own, considering hiring a rental management company like Park Place Properties to help you. Usually they will handle all of these steps as part of a monthly fee. This is a great options for AirBNB owners who want to be more hands-off.

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