What Should A New Asphalt Driveway Look Like

What Should A New Asphalt Driveway Look Like
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: September 17, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

You can pick from various types of materials for paving driveways. Furthermore, asphalt is among the most often used materials. Bitumen, stones, and sand make up this substance. To be later cooled and hardened, it is applied in hot liquid form. Asphalt is a preferred material for driveways for several factors.

Compared to other paving materials like concrete, it is significantly less expensive. Furthermore, unlike other driveway varieties, it is less complicated to repair and maintain.

What a new asphalt driveway should look like is a question that many people ask when they want to know how installing an asphalt driveway might improve the curb appeal of their home.

This is the most frequent inquiry from people wanting to know how asphalt paving might assist them in increasing the property’s curb appeal. Continue reading to know the answer;

What Would Be The Look Of The New Asphalt?

New asphalt frequently has a black appearance but depending on where it was installed; it may also have a different finish. The numerous portions are made by scattering sand and stones across the ground.

The asphalt will continue to look wonderful and survive for a very long time; its new appearance will not impact how well it performs. The driveway needs to be sufficiently rough to provide pedestrians traction while also being smooth enough to create a secure walking surface.

On a snowy day, having traction helps you stop your car but also helps you escape your car without slipping and falling. Asphalt is a suitable material for achieving this delicate balance due to the large variety of particles it contains.

While smaller aggregates can achieve smoother surfaces, traction may be enhanced by using larger particles. A durable surface with just the right roughness is best achieved by combining medium-sized stones with rough angles.

Things To Consider To keep New Asphalt Driveway Well-Maintained

Avoid Heavy Traffic On New Driveway

After paving, you can use your driveway as you normally would. However, if it is above 80 degrees outside, avoid vehicle traffic. Additionally, it’s ideal to postpone using your new driveway for parking for up to 14 days.

Your driveway will stay relatively soft and flexible until the new asphalt hardens and cures, which typically takes a year. Avoid leaving your car in the same position each time you enter your driveway while the asphalt is drying.

Drive Carefully

Cars coming in, accelerating, driving, and turning around in congested locations can all harm your new driveway. Avoid turning your car’s steering wheel while it is stationary because doing so might scratch or grind the surface. The hotter summer months are a crucial time to keep this in mind.

Avoid Parking Leaking Vehicles On Asphalt Driveways

Since asphalt is an oil-based material, it can be severely harmed by gasoline, motor oil, antifreeze, and power steering fluids. These spills may cause the driveway’s surface to disintegrate and deteriorate. It’s better to avoid leaky parking automobiles at all on your new driveway.

Any spills should be cleaned up with absorbent materials to avoid damage. A cold patch should be used to mend any holes left by these spills.

Asphalt Texture Varies Surface To Surface

Due to the asphalt composition, your driveway may appear rougher in some places and smoother in others. Sand, stone and other components of varied sizes are used to make asphalt, which results in a surface roughness that can occasionally be unpredictable.

Additionally, driveways scattered with rakes or other hand instruments may differ in appearance from those spread using a machine. When left for an extended period, grills, lawn chairs, and kickstands put weight on specific spots and can leave indentations in your new driveway.

Also, while your driveway is still installed, you should exercise caution when wearing those pointed high heels.

Is It Necessary To Have A Smooth Asphalt Driveway?

An excellent driving surface is essential. If the asphalt surface is left unfinished and uneven, the rain will seep through small pores in the surface. It might not be a problem during the summer, but the water will freeze and grow as the temperature drops.

The water will freeze and expand, putting much strain on the asphalt. After the ice has melted away, the stretched asphalt can be returned to its original position. As it freezes and thaws, your asphalt will lose its quality over time. Asphalt cracks, developing potholes, and surface dips will all become visible.

The aesthetic appeal of an asphalt driveway is not its only advantage. You want your new asphalt pavement’s flexibility, quality, and longevity to be as long-lasting as possible. It must fulfill each of these specifications to be an effective asphalt driveway.


It isn’t finished until the driveway is finished and paved. To last, all pavements need to receive year-round maintenance. It comprises routine power washing, daily sweeping, sealing, coating, and crack patching. Pavement sealing largely depends on personal taste and is affected by usage and time.

The pavement may be protected by sealing the driveway and for cosmetic reasons. For stony combinations and pavements with an open texture, it is advantageous.

Pick a high-quality product made specifically for asphalt driveways when it comes time to seal your driveway. In addition, you must use a professional with experience fixing asphalt driveways.

It is usually advised to let the professionals do this task for you to get the finest results, even though applying a sealant is rather simple and can be done using a brush or roller.

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