Fusion Solar Fence Post Lights

Fusion Solar Fence Post Lights
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 16, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Even a modest deck or yard may make warm weather much more pleasurable because you can relocate meals outside, enjoy your morning coffee outside, or invite family and friends over for a visit.

The enjoyment may last well into the night with a few inexpensive solar post cap lights. Since solar lights don’t need a direct electrical connection or frequent battery replacements, illuminating a perimeter is simple with them.

Strong materials like plastic, aluminum, and glass create the greatest solar post cap lights, ensuring they will shine during inclement weather. As more lights are added to the deck or yard, the overall amount of light will grow. Keep in mind that this brightness rating only applies to a single light.

How To Maintain And Install Fusion Solar Fence Post Lights?

You’ll discover that they are quite simple to install and maintain. Remove the top of the cap’s protective transparent plastic film to start the installation process. Holding the sides firmly, remove the top by pulling it off.

The battery connection can then be made by pulling the red tab. If your cap includes a switch, flip the switch on to engage the solar cell before reinstalling the top.

Ensure that your post is now level and debris-free. On the bottom of the cap, apply a bead of construction adhesive made for outdoor use. It’s just a matter of positioning the cap on the post and pressing it into place to finish.

Even before they are installed, you may aid in maintaining metal and glass Solar Post Caps. Put a coat of wax on quickly. After installation, a simple cleaning will be required once every three to six months for the foil on the cap.

Apply some lemon juice if necessary and wash with soap and water. After one day in the sun, each solar post cap is completely charged.

How To Fix Malfunction Fusion Solar Fence Post Light?

Here are some simple fixes you can try if the light on your solar post cap stops working. They should fix the issue and stop it from happening again. Verify the batteries’ rechargeability by visually inspecting them.

Whenever using solar post caps, you must only utilize rechargeable batteries. Verify the battery’s charge and functionality by testing it. You can apply a little layer of grease to the diodes to prevent corrosion.

Then, ensure the batteries are properly installed and connected to the cap by inserting them. Inspect the switch to ensure it operates properly if your decorative solar post top has one.

After taking these easy steps, the lights should illuminate your deck and outdoor living space on your headwear. So, take a seat and admire how the beauty and usefulness of Solar Post lights have improved your deck or fence.

What Are The Common Features To Consider Of Fence Post Solar Lights?

Battery Life And Charging Time

The typical solar battery can power a fence light bulb for six to twelve hours. What you get is determined by the battery’s size, age, power usage, and exposure to sunshine while it is being charged.

Batteries may stop being able to keep a charge after around a year. Change the battery if that happens. They will regenerate better and faster in direct sunlight. About eight hours are needed to recharge fully.

Brightness Level

Light output is measured in lumens. Ten lumens are ideal for creating gentle, ambient illumination. Decide on 100 lumens for improved visibility. Security-related fence lighting is not typically installed.


It is advised to have a waterproof rating of IP44 or higher for all-weather resistance. The material made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is the most resistant to solar damage. LED bulbs have a 10-year lifespan and are now used in most solar fence lights.

Examine the availability of replacement bulbs and batteries before purchasing an outdoor solar lighting system. Some don’t offer substitute possibilities.

Installation Process

With double-sided tape or screw-in mountings, most solar fence light fixtures are simple to set up. The installation technique will vary depending on the fence’s construction and location. They require little upkeep once the fence lights are installed.

Check Solar Fence Post lights For Water-Resistant Properties

Solar lights can bring security and ambiance to entrances and other outdoor areas without cables or cabling. They must charge during regular daylight hours and have a long enough battery life to function properly.

In addition to battery life and charge time, we considered brightness, expressed in lumens, to provide various options. You may need one powerful light or a group of lights with just enough illumination to offer some safety while still enabling stargazing.

These lights must endure because they are placed outside in the rain, snow, and sun. When choosing, check measurements since most cap lights are made to fit over the top of a fence or deck post.


While direct sunlight is the fastest way to charge a solar post cap light, indirect light, even when it’s cloudy, will still charge the solar battery, just not as rapidly. A solar post light still has one or more rechargeable batteries, so you won’t need to replace disposable batteries regularly.

A solar post cap light can last anywhere from two to eight years depending on how often it is used, whether the battery can be changed, and whether it is partially covered or entirely exposed to all weather conditions.

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