Installing Postmaster Fence Posts

Installing Postmaster Fence Posts

The purpose of this post is to offer general advice on installing a Postmaster fence in its most basic form. The installation must take safety precautions, such as wearing gloves and safety glasses.

Please seek the advice of a qualified expert if you have any concerns or questions about the installation of your fence. Before installation, check that the fence’s footings don’t go beyond the setbacks and property borders required by law.

If unsure, check your property line plot or speak with a licensed surveyor. See your local codes for details on frontage locations and permitted fence heights. A permit might be necessary. Contact the local utility company for information on underground cables or pipelines.

Steps To Install Postmaster Fence Posts

1) Create A Plan

Find the borders of your property. The crucial first step in a great installation is precisely outlining the configuration of the fence—place stakes at each Corner Post and Gate Post site. The length of your rail should match the distance between line posts.

Depending on the type of rails used, the height of the fence, and the slope of the land, the precise spacing may need to be altered. To make the fence the right length for the plan, place shorter parts in the corners, at gates, or next to buildings.

2) Mark The Location For Posts

Prepare the post holes. Line posts may also be deep, but Corner and Gate Posts should be. Local factors will dictate the precise diameter and depth. Pickets on a fence should be placed 8 inches above the top rail’s top and 8 inches below the bottom rail’s bottom.

Keep a small space between the pickets and the ground at the bottom. In the holes, center the terminal posts. Verify the posts’ plumpness, squareness to the fence line, and height before installing them.

To maintain the post’s position while installation is ongoing, block and support the post. Pour concrete into the hole continuously while piling up the top to deflect water away from the post.

3) Install Wooden Rails

Middle rails are centered between the top and bottom rails, bottom rails are affixed eight ′′ above the bottom of the board, and top rails are inserted at the top of the post. To provide a flush fit against the post if the ground slopes, carefully cut both rail’s ends diagonally.

4) Install Pickets And Cover Boards

Pickets are often placed above ground level and extend past the top rail’s top. Cover boards placed over the Postmaster Plus posts will complete the installation.

Benefits Of Postmaster Fence Posts

Easy To Hide

Using a Postmaster wood fence, you can easily keep your posts off-view on either side of the fence. You might have to make do with only partially hidden posts on one side of a classic wood fence.

Postmaster wood fences significantly improve the aesthetic of your fencing while assisting in eliminating this issue.

Highly Durable

Using a Postmaster wood fence, you extend your fencing with steel posts. Extremely ferocious winds and bad weather are not able to damage these posts. You may significantly increase the tensile strength of your fence by installing Postmaster wood fences.

This lessens the chance of damage, which can lower the cost of repair and maintenance.

Easy To Install

Almost any wood fence design can be installed with a postmaster wood fence. This allows you to achieve the desired aesthetic without compromising functionality. To meet your particular demands, they are also offered in various sizes.

Extended Fence Post Life Span

Traditional wooden fence posts frequently succumb to rot and water damage. Decaying posts are not a problem when you install a Postmaster wood fence. You can reduce a lot of fence-related issues by doing this. This cannot only lower maintenance costs, but it can also lengthen the lifespan of your fencing in general.

Aesthetic Appearance

With Postmaster wood fencing, you can have the ideal balance of durability and aesthetics. These fences can give your fence the neat, polished appearance of wood while bolstering its robustness with steel. This mixture may create the ideal fencing to suit your requirements.

High-Quality Fencing Option

Wood fences from Postmaster are an investment in excellence. You can reduce issues with the fencing by putting these fences on your property. These fences may also increase the value of your property.


Above all, postmaster fence posts may support the delivery of first-rate fencing services to fulfill your property’s requirements. Your wooden fence might have Postmaster posts put when you engage with professionals. This will help you build a fence that is far more robust and improve the aesthetic of your fencing.

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