Home Improvements Before Selling: 5 Renovations to Help Increase Value

Home Improvements Before Selling: 5 Renovations to Help Increase Value
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: August 14, 2021
  • Updated On: December 8, 2023

Last year, more homes were sold than any other year since 2006! So now, it seems that there is a shortage of homes on the market and a surplus of buyers.

Are you eager to put your home on the market? If so, you likely want to sell your home as quickly as possible and at the highest price possible.

Thus, in this post, we will share five essential home improvements before selling your property! The best part is that these indoor and outdoor renovations are affordable and relatively simple.

Home Improvements Before Selling: 5 Renovations to Help Increase Value

1. Paint and Wash Walls

The moment a buyer walks into your home, they should be able to envision themselves living there. Yet, this may be difficult if they are distracted by stains, scuffs, and other defects on your walls. Similarly, colors that are overly bright or too dark may distract them.

When it comes to selling homes quickly, the best colors are neutrals. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to white. Instead, go for light blue, grey, and beige, which likely appeal to most buyers.

And, if your walls are already painted in neutral colors, be sure to wash them and touch up any defects.

2. Update Flooring

One of the fastest ways to increase the value of your home and help it sell is by replacing outdated flooring. If you have hardwood floors, refinishing them can go a long way to impress buyers.

Of course, if you have another type of flooring, installing hardwood can be quite expensive. So, if you are on a tight home improvement budget, you can replace the carpet or put in vinyl flooring.

3. Replace Window Treatments

Many buyers want a home with a sunny aspect. So, by covering the windows with heavy drapes or blinds, you may be detracting from one of your home’s best features. A cheap and easy fix is replacing window treatments with simple white or wood blinds.

4. Freshen up Bathrooms

You don’t have to do lavish remodels in your bathroom, but you should try to make small upgrades.

Recalling the tub, replacing the showerhead and faucet, or refinishing the vanity can all make a huge difference in buyers’ perceptions of your bathroom. And, as a result, selling your home fast will be much easier.

If you decide to make bigger changes to your bathroom, then you will need to hire a plumber to get the job done professionally. Having a professional in home plumbing services complete the work for you will add to your home’s value when you come to sell it, as buyers will appreciate the higher standard than if you did the work yourself.

5. Complete Simple Landscaping Projects

Your home’s yard is the first thing that buyers will notice, but increasing curb appeal doesn’t have to be difficult! Aim for simple projects, such as:

Installing energy-efficient appliances, improving insulation, and even delving into the world of solar power for the home can enhance your property’s appeal and reduce long-term utility costs. These forward-thinking renovations make your home more marketable and align with the growing interest in environmentally conscious living.

  • Weeding flower beds
  • Edging sidewalks
  • Trimming overgrown bushes and trees
  • Fertilizing the lawn
  • Adding low-maintenance plants

Some buyers may be turned off by a high-maintenance yard, so avoid planting too many flowers, hedges, or trees.

Complete These Home Improvements Before Selling

As you can see, home improvements before selling your property don’t have to be complicated or expensive. With a modest budget, you can attract more buyers to your home. And, you may even be able to sell it for more!

Of course, a home renovation contractor can help you decide which renovations are necessary before listing. So, if you aren’t sure where to start, be sure to contact one!

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