Commercial Roof Repair Near Me: How to Find a Great Contractor

Commercial Roof Repair Near Me: How to Find a Great Contractor
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: August 14, 2021
  • Updated On: July 5, 2023

If you own a commercial building, you’re responsible for its maintenance and overall structural integrity. As a business owner, maintaining your property is essential for providing your employees and customers with a safe and sound environment.

If you’re a commercial property investor, your responsibilities are no less important. You owe it to your tenants to maintain the building in which they conduct their business.

Therefore, if you’re getting reports of leaks or other roofing issues, you need to start looking for “commercial roof repair near me.” However, you might be surprised by how many commercial roofing companies are available in your area.

As such, you need to know how to vet your options. We can help. Keep reading for a quick guide on how to find a great roofing contractor.

Get Recommendations From Other Commercial Building Owners

As a small business owner or commercial real estate investor, you probably know the importance of networking. Entrepreneurs like yourself thrive when they affiliate with other business owners.

Reach out to some of your contacts to find out if they have any experience working with the local commercial roofing contractors. They might be able to provide some valuable insight into who you should hire to conduct your roof repairs.

Alternatively, log onto Facebook and join the local Marketplace page. This group is there for members of a community to buy, sell, trade, and share information about local businesses. Here, you can ask the entire community for advice on commercial roofers.

Go Online to Find Customer Reviews and Testimonials

If you fail to get recommendations or choose not to go that route, there is another viable option to gauge the credibility of the commercial roofing companies in your area. Use Google to search for “commercial roof repair near me” to find a list of the top roofers in town.

Then, visit each of their websites to find customer reviews and testimonials. You can also check their social media profiles if you can’t find any reviews on their website. Conversely, returned to Google and type in the company’s name and “reviews.”

Regardless, you need to find out what other people have to say about the local roofing companies. Ideally, you should look for a commercial roofer that’s highly reputable and has the reviews to prove it. Be wary of roofing contractors that have a lot of complaints or recurring issues.

Consider Commercial Roofing Experience and Expertise

Commercial Roof Repair Near Me: How to Find a Great Contractor

It’s important to note that time in service isn’t everything. Some of the most veteran commercial roofers can be the most careless. However, in most cases, more experienced roofers provide higher-quality services.

Find out how long the commercial roofers on your list have been operating. What experience does each of their employees have in the field? Will a seasoned commercial roofer be present to supervise and conduct quality control?

Additionally, ask what types of commercial roof repair they specialize in. Do you need a commercial flat roof repair or a commercial metal roof repair? What about specialty materials and custom roofs?

These are essential factors to consider when searching for “commercial roof repair near me.”

Ask About Their Availability and Prospective Timelines

Whether you’re looking to repair a roof for a tenant or for your own business, time is money. The longer your roof is in disrepair, the more money it can end up costing you. Not having tenants in your building and comprehensive damages from water leaks are expensive problems.

Therefore, when talking to commercial roofing contractors, ask how soon they can:

  • Come out to inspect the property
  • Begin work on your commercial roof repair
  • Complete the project

If the roofers aren’t available for a while, it might be a good idea to consider your other options.

Verify Their Licensing and Insurance

When choosing “commercial roof repair near me,” it’s essential to verify their credentials. Commercial roofers need to have the appropriate contracting certifications. They also need to have a valid business license.

Furthermore, avoid working with any type of contractor that doesn’t carry insurance. If any damages are done to your building or other assets during the course of their work, you need assurance that they will compensate you accordingly.

For example, contractor liability insurance will provide restitution for damaged property in the event of an accident. Without this coverage, you might have a hard time seeking compensation from the contractors.

Similarly, the commercial roofing company should provide worker’s compensation insurance for its employees. If they are injured o the job, this coverage is essential for providing financial assistance for their medical expenses and time away from work.

If the employee doesn’t have worker’s compensation, they could try to hold the building owner (you) liable.

Ask About Roofing Material Warranties and Workmanship Guarantees

There is a wide range of commercial roof types. No matter what type of roof you have, however, the commercial roofers should use materials that are backed by manufacturer warranties. If these products are defective, you can have them replaced for free.

Just as importantly, the commercial roofing company should provide workmanship guarantees. In other words, if something was installed incorrectly or you are dissatisfied with their work, they should do everything in their power to fix it.

Reach Out to Local Roofers to Get a Free Quote

Lastly, when searching for “commercial roof repair near me,” you need to think about your costs. Depending on your circumstances, your building insurance may or may not cover the expenses of your roof repairs.

As such, it’s important to know what you’re looking at before hiring a contractor. The best commercial roof repair companies understand this need and are willing to provide future customers with free quotes.

Then, you can compare and contrast their costs based on everything else we talked about in this article. Avoid falling into the trap of saving money upfront by hiring underqualified services or roofers with terrible customer reviews. It is more than possible to find an affordable roofing company that provides high-quality services.

Looking for “Commercial Roof Repair Near Me?”

Whether you need commercial flat roof repair, commercial metal roof repair, or something in between, following our guide can help you make the right choice. Remember the tips listed above when searching for “commercial roof repair near me” to ensure you get the best help available to you (and for a good price).

And if you’re looking for more insightful content, browse through the rest of our blog before you go. We have more articles on commercial building maintenance, hiring services, saving money, and more.

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