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  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: September 23, 2023
  • Updated On: September 23, 2023

Millions of homeowners have discovered the benefits of home warranties. These plans protect major home appliances and systems, as well as their owners, by covering repairs and replacements when they’re needed. One of the most important components of a home is the HVAC system.

It’s also among the most expensive items to repair and replace. As such, you need to understand whether your home warranty covers your furnace to avoid serious unexpected expenses and other hurdles. 

Do Home Warranties Cover Furnaces?

There’s no direct, all-inclusive answer to this question. Some home warranties definitely cover furnaces and air conditioners. Others don’t.

Most home warranty providers offer coverage for HVAC systems, though. Whether your warranty extends to this system depends on the coverage you’re paying for and certain other factors. If you want to see if your home warranty covers your furnace, start by reviewing your contract or speaking with your coverage provider for more clarity. 

Though your home warranty may cover your furnace, be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions outlined in your warranty contract.

Look for portions of the contract that mention heating systems, furnaces, or HVAC systems. If the plan doesn’t cover the furnace, consider upgrading. This may cost more each month, but it’ll be well worth the extra investment when the time comes to repair or replace your heating system.

Beyond the Basics

After confirming that your furnace is covered or upgrading to a plan that includes your HVAC system, it’s time to venture beyond the basics.

You’ll need to find out to what extent your furnace is covered. Certain conditions and limitations may apply, leaving you to pay a lot more out of pocket than you expect.

In the furnace portion of your contract, look for specific components that may or may not be covered by the home warranty. It could be that your warranty covers mechanical components but not electrical ones or vice versa. Not all warranties cover HVAC systems in their entirety.

Be sure to check for conditions as well. Some warranties state that you have to be able to provide proof of routine maintenance for components of the furnace to be covered. Consider asking technicians for written records when they perform routine maintenance. Keep those records on hand, so you can show them to the warranty company when the need arises. 

Check for coverage limits and deductibles as well. You may need to pay a deductible before the warranty will cover furnace repairs or replacements. On the other hand, you may be required to pay for a portion of the cost while the warranty will cover the remainder.

If your furnace is suffering from damage that existed before you purchased your home warranty, it may not be covered. Additionally, if the furnace exceeds a certain age, the cost of repairing or replacing it may not be included in your warranty. 

Protecting Your Furnace With a Home Warranty

Not all home warranty plans are the same, so coverage for furnaces can vary from one provider to the next. Always read the fine print to be sure you understand whether your furnace is covered. Dig deeper to figure out if all its components or only some of them are covered as well. Don’t overlook any limitations or conditions that could affect your coverage, either. If you’re unclear on the matter, don’t hesitate to contact your home warranty company for help. 

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