All You Must Know About Workplace Safety in Digital Age 

  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: September 23, 2023
  • Updated On: September 23, 2023

Technology has become an integral part of our work routine. The rapid pace of digitization has completely changed how we conduct business, but it has also raised new security concerns. It is crucial to safeguard the health and safety of your employees in a digital workplace, and this includes considerations like OSHA 10 Hour General Industry training, for many compelling reasons.

In the digital age, where more and more work is done online, these concerns take on new dimensions, needing more attention and proactive activities from you as an employer. With modern technology comes modern challenges that call for modern treatment. 

Let’s learn about these safety concerns to take preventative measures. 

Threats to Cyber Security

Working in a digital workspace exposes your employees to multiple threats, as a lot of sensitive and confidential data is shared online. According to statistics, 4,000 cyber attacks occur daily to organizations, causing insane losses.

These threats can cause trust issues, stress, and anxiety to your employees, affecting their overall well-being. 

Remote Work Difficulties

Remote work has become prevalent these days. If you work from home, you will most likely confront issues such as improper work setup, solitude, and digital burnout. 

You are most likely to get disturbed by certain distractions that are also inevitable, such as housework, family responsibilities, or noisy surroundings.

Data Privacy

Canadians lost $100 million to online fraud in 2021. Online fraud and phishing are still major problems there. These statistics indicate how protecting your employee and customer data is a worldwide problem. 

Unauthorized parties getting access to your sensitive information will cause not only monetary losses but also a loss of credibility. 

A study revealed that 95% of employees show increased productivity if they feel confident in their working environment. If you put a high priority on the data privacy of your employees, they will be able to work with confidence and peace of mind. 

Phishing Attacks

83% of all businesses suffer from phishing attacks annually. Between 2020 and 2021, there was a 345% increase in unique phishing sites.

These emails contain links that direct them to a page that requires your login credentials to download malicious files. 

Upon clicking these links, hackers would gain access to the ICS network, which results in the stealing or distributing of data. Such malicious activities are affecting workers in almost every sector. 

Therefore, it is crucial to give cybersecurity awareness and training to your employees.

Online Harassment

According to the reports, in 2022, 41% of the US adult population experienced online harassment. 25% of them experienced a more severe form of online harassment. 

This term has gathered a lot of attention recently as a considerable section of the community has experienced its adverse consequences. 

Employees who are victims of online harassment show poor productivity and disturbed mental health. Their confidence and self-esteem get shattered.

Cognitive Overload

Unfortunately, your employees are most likely to be cognitively disturbed due to overloaded access to knowledge and technological resources. 

Cognitive abilities act as a reservoir for creative ideas. These abilities help to generate, improve, and communicate innovative ideas. 

Diminished cognitive abilities affect the decision-making and problem-solving skills of your employees. 

Digital Fatigue

Sitting on your computer chair and working for extended hours can cause several health-related problems for your employees. Fatigue, Poor eyesight, and head and backache are the most common concerns of digital workers. 

If protective measures are not implemented, excessive screen time can cause more severe health conditions like musculoskeletal dysfunction problems.

Digital Safety Technologies

Do you know that only 50% of US organizations have invested in cyber insurance?

A number of digital safety technologies and tools are available to enhance cybersecurity and protect your employees’ well-being in the digital workplace. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the effective technologies that are being used worldwide to protect your employees against internet threats: 

Antivirus Software

These are the most traditional ways of protecting yourself against online attacks. Software improvements have made it convenient for workers to stay alert with malware. This ensures that the browsing activity, personal data, and employee information remain confidential.

60% of US businesses have successfully protected their employees and organizations from a severe security risk from ransomware. It demands ransom from your employee to retrieve their data after stealing it. 


At times, creating resistance between your system and external forces that protect your employees from potential damage. 

By installing firewalls, your employees can protect themselves against online malicious attacks as firewalls closely monitor data distribution to prevent accidental penetration and protection against third parties.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Your employees should enable Multi-Factor Authentication on their systems to protect their data. It adds an additional layer of security to their system. 

It requests several forms of identification, such as a password, a fingerprint, and face identification. These requests are made several times to ensure the identity of the user logging in the system. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Apps

To manage workload stress, your employees need psychological assistance. Since mental health has been given so much importance recently, organizations offer digital portals to provide mental health information, counseling, and crisis assistance to their employees. 

How Digital Health and safety can transform your Workplace

Here is how digital health and safety can transform your workplace. 

Productive Environment:

By maintaining the health and safety of your workers, you can grow your organization to a higher level while ensuring a safe and secure working environment. When considering OSHA 30 price, this investment becomes even more critical for long-term success.


By maintaining the online safety of your employees, you will integrate them into a unit where they can collaborate digitally with maximum efficiency. 

This collaboration will result in greater creativity from the merging of many minds. 

Beneficial for your Company

By making sure that your employees feel safe and protected in the workspace that you create for them, you help your company establish a reputable status in the market. Due to the positive feedback from your current employees, you will be able to increase your workforce. 


The future for businesses is digitalization. Therefore you must strive to improve your standards in terms of environment and resources. This is a mandatory step if you want to keep up with the market competition. 

To sum it up, you need to make sure that the health and safety of your employees in the digital workplace are prioritized, as it will not only improve the productivity and job satisfaction of your employees but also help your organization grow. 

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