How Can You Be Certain You’re Hiring The Best Roofing Contractor?

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  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: December 2, 2022
  • Updated On: December 2, 2022

Everyone enjoys quizzes, so here are three: The best way to find a decent roofer What insurance do roofers need? What should a good roofing contractor have?

Stumped? See if you can get 100% at the end.

The best way to find a decent roofer

Residents and local roofers generally support local charity. This is a great approach to find a roofing contractor. Roofers may support organisations like Habitat for Humanity, and if you can see their work, you know they are reliable.

Ask your neighbours, go online for reviews and testimonials, and ask other contractors for recommendations (plumbers, carpenters, electricians). You should get a roofer whose recommendations you trust.

Good roofers have a reputation. Unfortunately, some incompetent, arrogant characters try to outrun their lousy job. Ask a prospective roofer some simple questions:

  • How long have you been roofing? A roofer with only a few years of experience is inexperienced.
  • How long has your crew been together? Some aggressive roofers may hire inexperienced day labourers.
  • Do you provide written estimates? An itemised estimate from a reliable contractor shows you exactly what you’ll be paying for.
  • When and how do you clean up? Knowing how the job site will be cleaned up indicates a trustworthy contractor.
  • What insurance do roofers need?
  • Local roofers should have workers compensation and liability insurance. This protects you from worker liens and personal claims.

Ask prospective roofers about their licences as well as insurance. Some general contractors claim licensure but lack roofing experience.

The duration and history of a roofer in your region is also “insurance”. Roofers without a real address, repeat clientele, or a strong reputation are rare. Ask any prospective roofer how long the company has been in business and at its current location.

What should a good roofing contractor have?

Relying on and fighting Mother Nature is a wonderful feat. Roofs defy nature’s wrath: rain, sun, hail (and snow and ice in some parts of the state). Repairing or replacing a residential roof requires suitable weather.

Expect your roofer to communicate about scheduling, delivery timeframes, and even weather-related delays. Every aspect of work should be communicated clearly:

On-site project management

It answers calls promptly, creates accurate invoices and fully explains payment terms.

Before signing any contract, make a cold call to the roofer. Expect a friendly, professional call with knowledgeable and courteous answers.

Take a look at the roofer’s estimate, which should contain a scope of work, line-item details of the work to be done, and the cost per item.

Should be reasonable. This does not mean a local, dependable roofer will be the cheapest – you may be able to find a cheaper “handyman” roofer. The fair, realistic price reflects the crew’s high levels of training and service.

Professional roofers do not require full payment beforehand. They may ask for a third at contract signing, one third at work start, and one third at final inspection.

You use every resource to find a good roofer. You check the roofer’s credentials (licence and insurance) and assess professionalism and communication.

Now for that quiz…

  • The best way to find a decent roofer
  • What insurance do roofers need?
  • What should a good roofing contractor have?
  • Did you get them all? If you have any questions feel free to contact our roof replacement CT team. Our highly skilled workers are fully licenced, insured, and protected. We deliver reasonable, accurate estimates and prioritise client service.
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