How Do You Cut Asphalt Driveway

How Do You Cut Asphalt Driveway
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: September 12, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

When working on the fundamentals of pavement projects, cutting asphalt is one of the primary construction duties. Here, we explain every essential aspect of asphalt cutting that you need to be aware of.

You must use the correct tools and equipment when cutting asphalt. Asphalt is softer than other surfaces like concrete or granite, hence a specialized blade is needed to cut through it. Continue reading if you’re interested in learning more about the ideal asphalt cutting technique.

It’s critical to understand the finest methods for cutting through asphalt, but it’s also crucial to preserve the asphalt that has already been cut through to stop future deterioration and damage.

Why Should You Cut Asphalt?

You need to understand why you are working on a pavement project before you start. Asphalt must be cut to patch potholes and replace damaged sections. To remove bumps and cracks from the road, it is crucial to cut the damaged portions of the road.

Additionally, the road’s ridges and dips are a major annoyance. Smoothing out the roadways is essential, so fix the issue now before it becomes worse. The safety and well-being of the cars as well as the proper appearance of your driveway depend on it.

Wet and dry-cutting varieties of asphalt blades are available. As they slice into the asphalt, the dry blades become less effective. More hard-cutting material is exposed due to continual wear, producing edges that are neatly cut, which is essential for high-quality asphalt repairs.

A continuous water flow serves as a coolant and lubricant for wet blades. In comparison to the softer blades, the wet blades have a harsher cutting edge that generates much more heat. In addition to being less demanding on the saw, they are more effective than dry blades.

Choosing Right Asphalt Cutting Tools Is Critical

Asphalt cutting requires the use of specific tools. While many individuals might presume that employing a tool like a jackhammer might be appropriate, this is completely incorrect. This is due to the possibility that machinery like a jackhammer could degrade the nearby asphalt.

Instead, the optimum results should be obtained by using an asphalt cutting blade. Particularly because asphalt is frequently softer than other surfaces, it calls for a diamond blade with a firm bond. You should be aware of the appropriate time before beginning to cut asphalt.

When a need has developed, analysis is required. When your asphalt is breaking and needs to be fixed, for example, it is the major thing that should cause concern. It’s time to fill any potholes you see if you see any. It’s time to start working, so grab your tools. As soon as an issue emerges, it must also be aware of it.

Steps To Cut Asphalt Driveway

Clear Debris From Driveway

It’s crucial to keep your working space free of all trash before cutting any asphalt. This prevents stones, rocks, or other debris that could endanger your safety from being caught in your saw. It’s important to remember that this is a step, therefore take it seriously.

Mark Cutting Lines

Avoid just cutting the damaged area when cutting asphalt. For sharp, stable edges, make sure you slightly extend your cutting zone. A longer-lasting repair can be achieved by squaring the edges as opposed to using a circular patch.

Once you’ve decided where you want to make the cut, mark it out with chalk and then make a depression in it with a screwdriver and a hammer so the blade has a path to follow.

Start Cutting

Before you start cutting, adjust your blade depth to the thickness of the paving. You can determine how deep it is by digging near the pavement’s edge to confirm this. Make the first straight cut, pause, and then lift the blade to the spot where you’ll make the second straight cut.

Make sure to never turn the saw with the blade still moving when cutting asphalt. The result could be that the blade breaks. Additionally, just one straight-cut path is required if you intend to cut to run a cable. Mark, cut, then lay the cable before filling the cracks.

Use An Asphalt Cutter Machine

Asphalt cutters come in a variety of varieties and are quite effective at what they do. Using an asphalt cutter with a diamond blade will allow you to make lengthy, straight cuts. Having an asphalt cutting machine is the first thing you need to do.

Select a diamond saw blade that is appropriate for the job at hand. An appropriate diamond saw blade is the right size to cut asphalt. Before starting the engine, fill the tank with water. As you run the vehicle over the chalk lines, ensure the appropriate depth of cuts.


The right equipment is necessary to cut asphalt efficiently. Your cuts’ cleanliness and effectiveness will be influenced by the saw and the blade you employ. Remove any clutter before drawing a chalk line to delineate the space. A diamond blade should be fitted to the saw.

To fit the thickness of the paving, adjust the saw blade depth. For the sake of the blade, only make straight cuts. Do not use a jackhammer or any other equipment that can harm the nearby paving.

Before replacing or repairing the asphalt in a moist area that has been cut, let it dry out. Above all, cutting asphalt demands distinct methods and equipment from cutting other surfaces like granite or concrete. Because asphalt is a softer material, the cutting project calls for a blade that can generate prolonged slices.

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