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  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: October 23, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Installing elegant pool tiles is a fantastic approach to improving the appearance of your outdoor living space. Pool tiles come in a huge variety these days. Tiles made of glass, ceramic, and porcelain are among them.

They are all different in beauty and cost. The most beautiful pool tiles are glass ones, which may make your pool a luxurious, breathtaking retreat. However, they tend to be slippery and are the priciest pool tiles.

It’s probably not going to be a cheap undertaking, whether you have a new pool built at your house or have hired a contractor to redo the tiling in your current pool. It won’t, however, break the bank. Various things influence the price per square foot of your pool tile.

When Do You Need To Replace Your Pool Tiles?

The first thing to do if you discover any of these symptoms in your pool is to try to fix them on your own or by hiring a professional tile installer. Remember that even if your chips or cracks are small, you should still call a qualified professional to assess whether they will impair your swimming pool’s long-term durability.

After years of use, swimming pool tiles frequently lose their color. The only solution is to replace the tiles if cleaning them does not improve the condition. Your tiles may appear tattered and green or brown.

As soon as you become aware of these four problems, replace your pool tiles to avoid more serious harm down the road.

What Would Be The Replacement Cost For Pool Tiles?

Depending on the total square footage of your project, swimming pool tiles are best priced. Tiles made of stone, porcelain, and ceramic are standard grades for swimming pools. This luxury group will include fine handcrafted paintings, ceramics, and glass pool tiles.

The most affordable option for most homeowners to purchase is ceramic swimming pool tiles. Pool tiles made of the mosaic are the most expensive type. The typical cost of tiling a swimming pool is under $15,000, but the project’s overall cost will increase if you use high-end materials or have a huge swimming pool area.

What Are The Reasons For Damaged Pool Tiles?

A crystal-clear tint indicates a pool that is in excellent condition. We have all, however, seen swimming pools that appear green, murky, and unusable. The most frequent problem an average homeowner has to deal with is toxic and harmful algae, which is most likely to cause greenish-looking swimming pools.

Swimming pools with inadequate chlorine levels are more likely to become infected with algae. It would be preferable to call a professional swimming pool maintenance service provider if your pool appears green in color so they can assist you in removing the algae as quickly as possible.

You must increase the overall amount of chlorine you apply to the pool water once your swimming pool is free of algae to guard against further algae growth. Chlorine is great for preventing algae growth in swimming pools, but too much of it may also be a hassle to deal with.

Your swimming pool may have too much chlorine if you have trouble seeing underwater or experience severe eye irritation after swimming. To ensure your chlorine level stays normal, readers and strips are the best way to determine how much chlorine is in your swimming pool.

What Is The Best Type Of Tile For A Pool?

Your pool’s desired aesthetic, project budget, and other criteria will all influence the type of tile you use. For instance, granite tiles are typically the most cost-effective and long-lasting choice for your pool’s natural stone tiles.

If you choose finishes like mosaics or murals, your pool may look as appealing as many other people’s pools that use glass swimming pool tiles. A few factors should be kept in mind, however.

To install the tiles, you’ll require a skilled contractor, particularly if your pool surfaces are uneven. Additionally, glass tiles can chip and crack over time, which means they cannot survive as long as tiles made of porcelain or ceramic.

Expect your retiling prices to increase if your swimming pool has experienced certain damage. The most frequent pool damage includes hollow places and foundation cracks, both of which may require costly repairs if they are severe.

Glass Tiles cost

Glass tiles are the priciest pool tiles, as was already evident. Depending on the finish type, the cost can increase further. The most expensive tiles, although being the best value, are these. They attract the eye well.

Because of this, glass tiles are the best choice if you want to give your backyard a high-end resort feel. Glass tiles don’t provide a very long durability.

Porcelain Tiles Cost

Porcelain tiles are an additional form of pool tile. Compared to ceramic pool tiles, these tiles are more expensive. They are also heavier and more resilient than ceramic.

Ceramic Tiles Cost

The most affordable option is ceramic tiles. Pool builders cheaply price ceramic tile installation. Thankfully, the costs of ceramic tiles are inexpensive during their lifetime and upon first purchase.

They are also long-lasting, with a lifespan exceeding six decades. These tiles are worthwhile investments while not providing as much aesthetic appeal as glass tiles.


Always consider every necessity for your pool before selecting any tiles. So, keeping your budget in mind, you’ll choose the best pool tiles available. A professional pool builder should be hired to fix the pool tiles during the installation of the pool tiles. Otherwise, the surfaces of your pool would develop long-term issues.

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